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Sunday, 2 July 2017

You're NARS what I thought

If you can tell from my blog, I only buy cruelty free makeup. NARS was one of my favourite brands; I recently just purchased their primer, new lipstick and and concealer and was going to obviously write a quick post reviewing them. Sadly however, NARS announced this week they're no longer going to be cruelty free and so gone was my review and instead here we are, addressing something far more important.

NARS no longer cruelty free

So what did NARS do which means they're no longer cruelty free?
Well, they decided to sell their products in China which doesn't sound to bad. However, in order for any product to be released onto the market in China, they are by law required to be tested on animals. It's so stupid, so unnecessary and yet still done. Animal testing globally is thought to cause over 500,000 animals a year to undergo horrendous abuse followed by death (especially considering the labs in which test on animals are known to have horrendous animal welfare).

So what did NARS  have to say about it?

NARS no longer cruelty free

Anyway, regardless of this knowledge NARS have made the decision to sell there, stating that they feel they should be able to share their makeup with the area (cough cough, they care more about profit than ethics and animal welfare).

Just because one brand has lost their moral compass however doesn't mean they all have. Illamasqua for one have responded in the correct way! They have demonstrated that they will never test on animals, putting the company ethics and values above anything else and for that they deserve huge amounts of praise.

NARS no longer cruelty free

Cruelty free makeup isn't just about the name, its about something more. It's about ensuring that your cosmetics aren't causing pain to something else which is so unnecessary, especially considering the EU banned cosmetic animal testing a couple of years ago. If you want to know more on the difference of cosmetic testing feel free to check out my post here.

If like me when I just started changing over, you're unsure which brands are cruelty free, I just updated this post (obviously removing NARS) so you can find some new supplies. Also superdrug recently started selling elf, and all of their own products are cruelty free from fake tan to deodorant! Its my savior.

So instead of dwelling on NARS for moving in the wrong direction, lets celebrate the brands that continue to put values first because, let face it, no one wants to hurt a bunny!


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