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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Friends with Dreams

I'm not normally one to boast about my friends but sometimes they need ALOT of credit. My friends at home are like no other, it's like time has never past when we're back together.

Alice, one of these friends just happened to be graduating this year from the University of Brighton after completing a degree in fashion design and so when she invited Lucy and I down to watch her catwalk show in London, we couldn't refuse.

Graduate fashion week is up there in cool bizarre experiences. You're walking round, looking at people work, checking out amazing outfits and then to top it all off you get to watch a fashion show.

The amount of dedication it has taken for everyone's clothes to reach the catwalk is crazy!

Alice had months sleepless nights and being constantly stressed! I've never known anyone work so hard for what they want. The effort really does show!

Her collection was amazing! Sadly, I was so in awe watching that I didn't capture pictures but that's what the professionals from Graduate Week are there for!

So, here is some of her work. I'm bias I know, but its so impressive! She handmade everything, from the shoes to the swimsuits and it looked insane.

So here's to talented friends who deserve everything from the effort they put in. I can't wait to see where she will go! Go check her out here

Have you got friends who are incredibly talented? Have you been to graduate fashion week?

Erin x

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