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Sunday, 30 December 2018

Fancy a Challenge for the Planet this January?

With New Years just days away, I thought it would be only fitting to end 2018 with a challenge for us all during January, the challenge is Veganuary.

You see, Veganuary is a pledge to try and eat Vegan for a month. Now, before you say "not a chance", I love meat etc, I just want to throw this out there... You don't have to do the month, in fact you don't have to even try veganism. This challenge for me is about trying something new. So go veggie for a week, try being vegan for 1 day a week during the month, or just challenge your self to only eat meat once or twice a week.

Most of us are now aware of the effects that meat eating is having on the planet, from the CO2 production, to the animal welfare. It has now been calculated that  on average, one person going vegan will save 200 animals a year, that means, by taking on the Veganuary challenge, in just 1 month you'll have spared at least 17 animals lives. This may not sound like much, but with an estimated 300,000 already signed up to Veganuary that's over 5 million animals saved in just one month, which is pretty darn impressive. Turn that into CO2 levels and that's about 6 million tons of CO2 not being released into the atmosphere (in just ONE MONTH).

Apart from the planet and animal welfare, the industry also takes a significant toll on the people who work in the abattoirs and slaughter houses that supply us so readily with meat. For instance, have a read of the piece that opened my eyes here. It discusses the mental health issues of vulnerable people who work at slaughter houses, which is something that the majority of  us have probably never considered before.

And finally, there are all the health reasons, from reduced blood pressure, and cholesterol, to a fall in type 2 diabetes, going vegan has helped cure conditions such as  poly-cystic ovaries. Plus the fact that your veg and fruit intake naturally skyrockets, because well, that's all you can eat.

So I hope you're up to the challenge, whether that's for a week, a day or the full month. To help get you started and  provide some great vegan recipes, below are some delicious meals you can whip up, along with some accidental vegan food, and restaurants with a vegan menu if you want to eat out!

Vegan Lunches

Vegan Lunch
     Grilled Corn and Nectarine Salad                                                                                             Vegetable Pepper and Potato Paella 

Vegan Lunch
     Baked Sweet Potato with Pomegranate Tabbouleh                                                                 Turmeric, Ginger and Sweet Potato Soup
  Madeleine Shaw                                                                                                                                                                      Sheerluxe

Vegan Lunch
     Healthy Noodle Soup                                                                                                  Pumpkin and Mushroom Soup
     Sheerluxe                                                                                                                                                                      Good to Know

Vegan Dinners

Vegan Dinner
     Bang Bang Cauliflower with Sweet and Spicy Sauce                                                         Avocado & Coconut Noodles With Edamame Beans, Lime & Ginger
     Deliciously Ella                                                                                                                                                        Madeleine Shaw

Vegan Dinner
Maple Roasted Kale and Green Bean Salad                                                                             Cinnamon Potato Tacos
Madeliene Shaw                                                                                                                                                                         Sheerluxe

Vegan Dinner
Vegan Bacon                                                                                                           Sticky BBQ 'Ribs'
Deliciously Ella                                                                                                                                                                   Avant Garde

Vegan Dinner
Cheesy Stuffed Squash                                                                                                     Creamy Mushroom & Herb Pasta
Avant Garde                                                                                                                                                                                        Deliciously Ella 

Vegan Dinner
Kentucky Fried Chickn Burger                                                                               Chorizo Style Seitan Hot Dogs Caramelised Cider Onions
Katsu Curry                                                                                                                        BBQ Shroom Bun
Vegan Dinner
Spagetti Bolognese                                                                                                                    The Tastiest Vegan Chilli
The Happy Foodie                                                                                                                                                                                                  Deliciously Ella

Vegan Snacks

Vegan Snacks
Healthy Blondie Brownies                                             Chocolate Energy Balls

Vegan Snacks
Honey Almond Popcorn                                                                       Pan Fried Cinnamon Banana
Naturally Ella                                                                                                                                             Dizzy Busy and Hungry

Accidental Vegan Food

Sweets - Starbursts, skittles, love hearts, Lindt Chocolate over <70% dark
Crisps - walkers, hulahoops, kettle and tyrrells, Pringles
Biscuits - Bourbons, Party Rings, Oreos, Lotus, Chocolate Chip Hobnobs, Fox’s Dark Chocolate Chunkie Cookies

Restaurants with Vegan Menus

All Bar One, Le Pain Quotidien, Zizzi, Las Iguanas, Wagamama, Pret, Ask Italian, Handmade Burger Company, Carluccio’s, Yo! Sushi, Loungers, JD Wetherspoon, Bella Italia, Turtle Bay, Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, La Tasca, Itsu, Toby Carvery

So there's your lot, from inspiration to easy options and places you can eat out if you choose to take on a little challenge this month. Whether you try a day, a week or a month as a Veggie/Vegan you will be doing your little bit to help reduce animal consumption and also help the environment as well.

I'd love to hear how you get on so please, drop me a message with your favourite recipes and experiences!


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