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Sunday, 2 December 2018

An Ethical and Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

As Christmas is just around the corner, of course I couldn't help creating my annual gift list filled with, what I hope is a little inspiration for you. Whether you're trying to find something for those who are always busy, love to host, love to spend a night on the sofa or are an explorer.

So enjoy...

For those on the go

Water Bottle | £25 Sky Ocean Rescue are donating all profits to their charity
WAKE Bag | £33 - waterproof, and 10% of the profits go towards the Marine Conservation Society
Shopping Bag Set | £24.50 - for the person who needs to remember their bags when they go shopping.
Eco Friendly Gift Set | £40 For someone at the start of their ethical journey
Lucy and Yak Coat | £110 - An ethical company, and a coat made out recycled wool!
Stainless Steel Lunch Box | £28 - no plastic, no wood, just a great metal

For those who love to host

Bake for Syria | £16 - the follow on from Cook for Syria charity book
Together Cookbook | £9.99 - all profits go towards Grenfell tower victims at the Hubb Community Kitchen
Heartfelt, Healthy Recipe Book by Pippa Middleton | £14.99
Bamboo and Silcon Cooking Utensils | £25
Orange MarmalAID | £3.50 - £1.50 goes to the Hands Up Foundation, which supports Syrian aid projects
Soap Co Gift Set | £30 - The Soap Co. is a social enterprise providing training and work for people who are visually impaired or have disabilities. In making its eco range, it provides sustainable flower gardens for bees.

For the organisers

Sprout Pencils | £9.95 - pencils that can be planted and grow into seeds.
Desk Containers | £28 - circular economy at its finest. These containers have turned waste into
Green Story Notepad | $25 - a notepad with a difference, this notepad had pages which can have the ink removed to save paper. Winner!
Diary | £13 - where works are paid fairly.
Desk Organiser | £12.50 - recycled paper,  fair wages and vegetable dyes.
Trinket Tray | £16.00 - because we all need somewhere to put our little things

For the beauty lovers

Charity pot  |  from £9.95 - a great cream and the money goes to charity.
Black Tea Scrub | £11.99  cruelty free, organic and vegan
Biodegradable Glitter | £18 - for those who love their glitter,
Skin and Tonic Skin Care Set | £39 - cruelty free and organic
Neals Yard Bath Set | £24  cruelty free and organic cruelty free and organic
Illamasqua Highlighter | £34 - my go to highlighter, there really isn't a better highlighter for me.

For those who have everything

Pela Phone Case | £32 - no plastic, just a phone case that can will be compostable.
Drinking water for 4 | £10 - why not give someone a gift that does good for others.
A Life Changing Chicken | £13
Save the Rainforest Vivienne Westwood Tee | £25 - a charity tee, raising money for a fantastic cause
Jollie Socks | £14 whwn you buy a pair, Jollie socks give a pair.
No Borders Charity Tee | £32 - a fantastic tee

The book lovers 

Kindness | £6.88
Th Human Age | £8.99
Slave to Fashion |  £13.99
Feminists Don't Wear Pink | £9.99
Book Mark | £15.00
Side Lamp | £26.00

For the Outdoor Explorer

Lucy and Yak Fleece | £50 - made from recycled plastic, the jumper looks both comfy and practical.
All Birds Wool Trainers | £95 - woolen trainers that are environmentally friendly.
Indoor Herb Garden | £17 - for those who want to bring some of the outside in
Portable Wash Bag | £30 - made out of recycled plastic
Save the Bees Kit | £12 (donation to charity)
Patagonia T Shirt |£30 - from a brand that constantly strives for good

For those who love a cozy night in

Sleep Set | £30.50 - Organic and bamboo silk for a great nights sleep.
People Tree PJs | from £35
Luks Linen | from £69
Clementine and saffron candle | £10 - a candle that helps raise money for charity too.
Lambs Wool Hot Water Bottle | £32
Slippers | £56 - Made in the UK, made out of sustainable, non toxic fabrics.

Happy Christmas shopping!


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