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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Brand of the Week; Girlfriend Collective

There are some brands which use really unusual methods and techniques to make their clothes. One of these brands is the Girlfriend Collective and hence being this weeks chosen brand.

Topanga Bra | £30
The girlfriend collective was founded with transparency as their main goal. Due to this they decided to make their products from recycled polyester which uses post consumer water bottles from Taiwan.

Obviously there are different types of plastic, but once plastic has been sorted into their types (1,2,3,4,5) girlfriend collective uses type 1 plastic in the production of their sports bras and leggings.

Paloma Bra | £30
After the plastic has been sorted by colour at the recycling plant it is then turned into small chips before being washed and tried once more.

The fabric used by the company comes from these chips which are turned into spaghetti like strands. These threads are then broken down to make even smaller strings which is spun into the yarn used in the fabric.

High-Rise Leggings | £52
Unlike lots of companies who use dyes which are environmental disruptive. They decided to ensure the water used in their dyeing process was treated to ensure separation of the safe dyes they use and the stray fibers from the yarn. Instead of just dumping the dye into landfill at the end, instead the dye is transformed into paving stones used on the side street.

Mid-Rise Leggings | £45
Not only are the company's clothes literally made out of old bottles but they have also gone beyond most companies when it comes to the factory conditions. They pay higher wages as well as provide free lunch and dinner should an evening shift be worked.

They also provide free health check ups every 6 months to!

Bardot Tee | £22
So its clear to see just how different this company is, and how being this conscious of your environmental damage can still result in some pretty impressive clothes. O and did I mention they use all model sizes to! What is not to LOVE, especially when there is free shipping when you order more than 2 items!

What do you think of the Girlfriend Collective? What sustainable brands do you know about?


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