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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Catch, Mawgan Porth, Newquay

I could hardly write about Cornwall without at least mentioning one of the best restaurants around. We managed to get squeezed in at the restaurant named the Catch, which has become more and more popular as the years have gone on and boy was I happy we did!

The restaurant is situated right across from the beach in Mawgan Porth, and should you fancy you can sit outside, enjoying the last of the evening sun. Inside, the entire interior follows through the beach theme with the salt and pepper actually being in seashells along with drift wood and ships located on the tables.

When ever Louis and I dine out, we seem incapable of managing to only order 2 courses which led us to order all three of course. To start we ordered the large calamari. The batter was just crisp enough and the squid itself was fantastic. I've often found seafood can be chewy especially squid but as all the food at The Catch is sourced locally, freshness was not something we needed to worry about!

For my main I chose the seafood risotto which was done in the paella style. There was everything in there from mussels to prawns to some of the catch of the day with every mouthful offering a new flavours which worked really well. Its safe to say I finished it all!

Louis opted for the catch of the day which was HUGE. Somehow he managed to get through it all as well which was certainly impressive. Just look at it!

For dessert I of course went for the chocolate brownie. This one however had a little more fun with the use of meringue and mini smarties along with some chocolate sauce. After finishing it all I was  ABSOLUTELY stuffed!

 Our meal at The Catch was delicious. Although the prices were a little more than your average restaurant that is expected in Cornwall directly of the beach and I have no problem paying the price when the food is excellent, which in this case it was.

My only recommendation, away from the food menu is to buy a bottle of wine instead of a glass. They're large Sauvignon cost £9, which is a little more than I'm used to paying in Leeds or Manchester!

Where is your favourite restaurant in Cornwall? 


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