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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A Feminist in Red Trousers

You know those clothing pieces which are love at first sight? You don't even need to try them on because you know they will look great? Well that was me and these trousers! Most of all though, they gave me an opportunity to wear my Feminist top and to talk (a little) about it.

This week we've had a new French president, and yet the Daily Mail (of course) only wanted to discuss how his wife looks good and is so much older than him like its a shock males can find older women attractive. Then, last night we had Theresa May say that there are boy jobs and girl jobs to be done at home. After all of that, along side Donald Trump (where women in there thousands felt they needed to march in protest), I finally felt the need to say something.

For the people that know me, they know how political I can be, especially when it comes to Environmental, European and Feminist issues and currently all three seem to be threatened on a daily basis.
The word feminist seems to mean different things to different people, yet really it just means that women and men have equal rights. For those who say feminism isn’t needed, just read the two examples I pulled from the news this week. 

Why are people questioning a man who is so clearly in love and married to an older woman, yet they don’t question Donald trump and who actually looks his age yet still has a beautiful wife who seems to look permanently miserable. Why is it okay for there to be girl jobs and boy jobs, not just JOBS?!

The issue is, these small things, yes, are annoying, but they are such a small part of a big picture where women are, sadly, in many cultures just seen as an object that a man possesses. The fact that there are women who don’t class themselves as feminists because they are privileged enough to feel equal is the worst of all.

Feminism needs to be supported by everyone and there are sadly too many reasons why. From blaming rape on the women as men apparently are unable to control their dick to preventing a female who isn’t racist, misogynistic,(and orange) from breaking the glass ceiling, or, just so a girl can walk along the street at night on her own and not feel the need to hold her bag extra tight and be on her phone to avoid harassment. 

The UK may not need feminism the same way other countries do, where women legally have to cover themselves, or are unable to travel, gain an education or speak without a man’s permission but,it is still needed. The whole world needs it, so my cheesy smiles are for those women who are unable to smile and to those who think being a feminist means something else, please, go get an education, because many women can’t!

A huge thank you to Lily who took all these photos and to Ellie for the fabulous location scouting. 

I  own a lot of topshop clothing but the thick fabric of these trousers really caught my eye. When I'm shopping you see, I have to touch the clothing and that makes my first impression and it was the same for these trousers. Not only is the fabric thicker than most culotte pieces I've seen, even though they are flared, they are still warm meaning they're perfect for a spring/summer evening!

I paired it with my feminist t shirt by Tea and Cake, my nikes, trusted faux leather jacket, my rucksack which is pretty old now but still matches the majority of what I own and of course my Daniel Wellington watch.
For my outfit;
Top | Trousers | Shoes | Rucksack (similar)

Here's to a future where feminist posts are not needed and to a world where we are all equal!


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