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Monday, 13 May 2019

Positive News for a Positive Planet; No 7

The environment seems to be finally getting the glory and attention it deserves in recent weeks and I for one am delighted. The weeks top news covers a fair variety but the plastic conversation is still coming out top. If the past week has had me think about anything, its just how supermarkets still haven't ensured that all of their packaging is easily recyclable?! Baffling right! Anyhow that is a discussion for another time. For now, onto this weeks positive news!

Top 100 people killing the planet

The title of this may not sound super positive but someone has compiled a list of the names and locations of the CEOs for the top 100 CO2 polluting companies in the world. It finally puts a name to the company and publicly calls for them to realise that it is their responsibility to do better. I for one am excited to see more people calling out individuals for the companies that they are responsible for in the future.

Scotland introduce a 20p bottle deposit scheme

Its great to see some parts of the UK finally swinging into action now that a climate emergence has been announced with Scotland outlining plans for a bottle deposit scheme for some plastic, glass and cans. It's a small step but encouraging others to start recycling more can only be seen as a positive.

The top apps to help you live sustainably

Vogue have recently been covering the world of sustainability far more that it previously had, whether that be fashion or beauty. This post provides everyone with apps to help live more sustainably in all areas of your life and I am loving the fact that these apps are getting the credit they deserve. The only one missing from their list though is too good to go, an app helping to reduce food waste from stores in places all over the world!

The most ethical supermarkets revealed

Ethical consumer released their report on the most ethical supermarkets in the UK and its safe to say the big brands are far off the mark. Only M&S were found in the top 10, with the remaining places made up of smaller companies like Able and Cole, Riverford and Planet Organic. It just goes to show that shopping small and with brand with sustainability at the heart is a really positive thing.

Together Band launch with Bottletop and UBS

One of the most sustainable high end accessories brand has partnered with UBS, an investment bank to promote the sustainable development goals. The 17 bracelets representing the 17 SDGs are available online and in store.  The bands, made from up-cycled ocean plastic ad re-cycled steel  from seized illegal firearms come with 2 in each box with the idea of sharing at the heart of the campaign. With band production supporting the livelihoods of female artisans in Nepal its a great campaign to get behind. I just need to decide which SDG I want when all of them matter!

German ad agency called out for being racist

One which may not be classed as positive but should be classed as important is this add. Check out the petition page of how Asian women have been viewed in the add. It should make us all question, on decisions around gender and race that there is representation of those groups in the room.

On the go recycling schemes launched by hubub

Hubbub, still leading the charge in finding ways to engage the general public in issues that matter are set to launch a new recycling scheme for on the go cups (your coffee cups, MacDonalds, plastic lined things). The campaign, following a successful year in Leeds will be rolled out into Scotland and Wales. To see what else they're up to go check out Leeds by example here

Cambridge launch a co-house development

Have you ever thought about living on  co-house development where running of the area, communal spaces and shared responsibilities are at the heart of the community? No? Well this article tells you all about a way of living that most of us have never considered.

And Finally here's some positive figures that are worth celebrating

This maybe cheating by putting more positive news in my positive news but hey, think of it as a double dose. Some of these facts are fantastic, like the fact that '11 of the 28 EU states have already met the 2020 target to source 20% or more of their energy from renewable sources'!


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