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Friday, 17 May 2019

Are These The Best Vegan Chocolate Bars?

Back in Veganuary (I may have forgotten to publish this post), I took it about myself to indulge in as much fancy vegan chocolate as physically possible. It was an easy decision, after all I am a huge chocolate fan, whether that's in drink, cake or bar form.

Testing all these chocolate types would have been no fun without a little assistance, so after recruiting in my very willing colleagues, we set about to testing different bars each week to provide a comprehensive guide to the top vegan chocolates on the market.

Now, naturally the majority of the bars are dark chocolate, but before you jump to a negative conclusion, go out and try some of our top choices, or buy them as a gift. Trust me you won't regret it...

1. Chocolate with Love Mint beating off all the competition with an average score of 9.3 which was seriously impressive. The team felt like the chocolate had great texture and taste. The fact it was also quite light made it a clear favourite for everyone

2. Le Jeune Praline Truffle Available online, Le Jeune is a little chocolate shop where all of their products are made of site. Everything they produce is delicious but their praline vegan truffle option came out top. 8.1. A truffle with a fantastic creamy texture and slight nutty hint. I guess its slightly cheating being a truffle but still.

3. Le Jeune - Chocolate Strawberry was the most expensive and extravagant of my purchases during the month. The bar was twice the size of any other though, and if you're looking for a delicious present, this is the winner! It scored a 7.9 overall with the team complimenting both  its appearances and taste. If you like slightly bitter chocolate this ones for you.

4. Vivani Orange If you liked orange flavoured chocolates (pass me a terry's chocolate orange any day-no they aren't vegan), then this bar will be right up your alley. Great flavour and crunch, which meant the bar was awarded a 7.8.

5. Ombar A chocolate type you seem to find in more and more places, the plain Ombar was a hit with most of the team. It does have a subtle coconut flavour though so if you dont like the fruit, maybe this isn't one for you. It scored a great 7.2

6. MIA Cranberry and Hazelnut. Another bar where people loved or hated it was the MIA bar.  The cranberry's were great but the texture a little rougher than others tested. Still overall a great tasting bar which was scored 6.6

7. Divine Mint Second choice in the mint chocolate round is the divine mint with a score of 6.6. With parts of the of team saying this bar was yummy with others just finding it okay its a good bar to have around. The only downside seemed to be that there was a slightly grassy aftertaste to some.

8. Seed and Bean Mint, originally the front runner, when purchased to try with the other mint it didn't seem to be as good. However, our first try was incredible so as long as you're not trying it with lots of other minty chocolate its a great bet. Creamy with a strong mint flavour this bar scored a 6.3.

So there you have it, the top vegan chocolates I tasted. Do you have front runners that weren't included in this list? Do you know someone who makes vegan chocolates? Please let me know, I'd love to taste some more!


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