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Monday, 15 April 2019

Positive News for a Positive Planet; No 5


With a new week comes news positive news covering all elements of life; from beach cleans and shopping to inventions and Earth Day. Sometimes we just need to dig a little deeper to pull out the incredible things that are happening all around us!

So without further a do, lets begin...

Second hand fashion is booming

It is no surprise to me that the second hand industry is absolutely smashing expectations recently but did you know that although currently work £18 billion, its expected to over double in value to 39 billion in the next 5 years. Check out the article to find out more!

The 'Do Good' market just can't be ignored 

The doing good market is worth a wopping $23 trillion and banks are finally offering incentives for those companies being socially responsible. L&Q a property developer last year was awarded a huge £100 million loan with a discounted interest rate as long as the company met its annual target to help 600 unemployed residents find work. It's exciting to see that this maybe come the norm and that those companies helping communities not destroying them will benefit!

The Big Spring Clean 

Over the last 2 weeks Surf Against Sewage have rallied volunteers all over the country to join the biggest ever UK Spring Clean, with more than 600 river, mountain and beach cleans taking place. It's an incredible feet and fantastic to see so many people willing to help clean up our local areas!

Ribena are changing to be more sustainable

In a bid to be more sustainable beverage giant Lucozade Ribena Suntory have announced plans to redesign the bottle and change the flexible shell to be smaller and more transparent allowing for easier recycling. It's a small step but anything that makes bottles easier to recycle is a good thing.

NorthFace have a new collaboration 

I love North Face, and their recent collaboration with RÆBURN is a testament to the innovation of the brand as they are starting to consider the circularity of their products more and more! If you fancy grabbing one, the new bag range, made out of old tents will be available in the Carnaby store as well as online 

Reforestation is the answer to climate change 

It's simple really. Something many of us have been banging on about for years but trees really could be the savours of us all with findings confirming that the cheapest way to avert the climate crisis is to restore and replant degraded forests so that they can return to being the lungs the earth so desperately need.

image from ndlink

Small farms are leading the change with sustainable farming

Farming is one of the biggest emitters globally and how they run has altered vastly over the last 50 years. What you may not know though is that small farms are often those most heavily impacted by climate change and with around 475 million small farms globally or 12% of the worlds farming land being part of a small problem how those farms are able to manage in changing conditions is vital for the farming future. With challenges comes new solutions though and these small farms seem to be leading the change to more sustainable farming practices, have a read of the article to find out a little more about what they're doing, from pest control to reducing losses it's all pretty remarkable!

Marine plastic pollution is costing up to $2.5 trillion a year

I was expecting this number to be gigantic but 2.5 trillion is an absolutely absurd and terrifying amount that plastic is costing our oceans. This article tells you a little more about what has made up the calculations , but with an estimated 1-5% decline in the benefits humans direve from the oceans due to plastic polution, the number is only likely to increase as plastics find thereway onto our plates and into our bodies. Scary, but it provides even more motivation that we need change and fast!

Why its never cool to copy 

I believe I'm up there as one of Veja's biggest fans and the recent news that their distinct design has been copied by Primark raising questions of brand integrity, copying fashion students designs (cough cough zara) and why companies, who have questionable ethics and unsustainable methods think it's OK to be unoriginal, especially when copying a brand which places both ethics and sustainability at the heart of everything they do. 

In the words of Veja's CEO... 

“It is very sad to see this. The first question that comes to my mind is: Where are those nice counterfeit shoes made? I think @Primark got it wrong. They should not copy the style of our shoes, they should copy the way we make them. With organic cotton, with recycled plastic, with more ecological fabrics, in factories where workers are paid decently, and are working in secure conditions. We will explain everything to them in court.”

Scientists have invented a transparent wood 

With all the incredible man made materials that we use for buildings now adays, it's quite remarkable that scientists have only just created transparent wood but they have! The material is both sturdy, transparent and able to release and store heat. Although plenty of work still to be done on the material its hoped that it will be able to be used in construction and help increase recyclable and reusable material use.

 © Justin Brice Guariglia

Earth Day at Somerset House  

Earth hour is being celebrated at Somerset House for two weeks with a wide variety of activities and talks taking place that will inspire and enlighten. Be sure to check out lots of their free events and if you're in the centre on Saturday why not head along and take part!

This week I couldn't not give a quick mention to Wills Vegan Sustainable Shoe Brand, a brand with not only fantastic ethics but also vegan products made well which was shared with during our inspiration...

and finally, the fact that I got to witness Eleanor Graceful get married at the weekend also needed a quick positive celebration. There is nothing like spending a weekend surrounded by those you love and those in love to give you a positive outlook for the week!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks round up, have you come across any positive news stories this week?


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