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Saturday, 20 April 2019

Top places to visit in Cornwall

I’ve been contemplating writing this post for over a year. Cornwall is one of my favourite places in the world, I have a spot on the cliff between Mawgan Porth and Bedruthen Steps where I can sit and watch the sun go down. The seagulls all sleep in the cliff edge near by and so you get to watch them fly across a sun set sky. The sound of the ocean is all you can here and on a warm evening, it is the best way to spend an evening.
Cornwall has so many beautiful spots to visit, compiling a list is a pretty hard feat but, here are my recommendations of places to see, things to do and spots that will leave you feeling like you’ve finally stepped out of the fast lane of life and truly slowed down, even for just a day.

Bedruthen Steps

Bedruthen steps, located in between Newquay and Padstow is a beach cared for by the National Trust. You follow a path along the cliff and down a large stone staircase before you can finally feel the sand between your toes. My recommendation, don’t take your shoes off to early. Keep walking all the way along the beach till you come to two caves. Climb straight through them and clamber over the vast array of rocks until you come to another beach. Keep walking again and you will soon find yourself on what can sometimes be a secluded beach with no one else around, it truly is incredible. The impressive rock formations that make up the beaches are also stunning. Bedruthen steps is not accessible at all times though, most of the beach disappears with the rising of the tide and you need to be very aware of the tide times as you can end up getting stuck. Speaking from experience, you don’t want to have to wade through water with your bag above your head, its not fun, just scary. My advice, arrive at the beach 2 hours before low tide and stay 2 hours after. That way, no panic. O and did I mention there’s a fantastic national trust café, with a lovely outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a slice of cake in the sunshine.

ButterMilk Fudge Shop, Padstow

This is a very specific mention. Fudge made up my childhood but there is one place that trumps everywhere else in Cornwall. Don’t try and challenge me on this, I have a VERY strong fudge opinion and ButterMilk is Queen. The fudge shop has a tiny front and you have to go down a small alley to get through the front door. You’ll know you’ve arrived by the queue which can often extend out the door. Enter the fudge shop and you’ll see slabs of varying flavours from dark chocolate and mint to honeycombe and everything in between. I would highly recommend, trying their tablet fudge, its very different to your standard fudge but it’s by far the most addictive fudge out there. Should you love it so much, they are even online now! YUM

Seal Sanctuary

Should you be a wildlife lover you could head to Newquay but instead, I would highly recommend you visit the Seal Sanctuary. You may not get to see as many animals but you do get to see A LOT of seals. Alongside seeing the seals during their rehabilitation, you are helping to fund the seal release program, ensuring that when ever possible these creatures can be returned to their natural habitat. Here’s to helping getting wildlife back out in their natural habitat!

Boardmasters Festival, Watergate Bay, August 7th-11th

Boardmasters is a festival with a difference, its found a way to combine surfing, scating, wellbeing and music into a weekend located at two of the best beaches in Cornwall. The festival held just above Watergate Bay means impressive views on a daily basis. Pair this with beach parties and DJ experiences playing into the early hours of the morning and you’re left with something really unique. Want to go for a reduced rate? You can even sign up to be a sustainability volunteer, encouraging people to recycle and love their planet.

Lanhydrock House

Cornwall is more than just beautiful beaches and picturesque harbour towns, there are plenty of impressive sites in land to. This year I finally got around to visiting Lanhydrock House and it didn't disappoint. The huge national trust property is highly impressive, you can truly get lost in the grounds for hours. Whether you want to wander through the extensive rooms in the house or picnic in some of the fields it’s a different way to spend a day in the county and one I would highly recommend. For me, stately homes offer a magical escape. You have the ability to get lost in history and pretend to live an era that existed way before I was born.

Watergate Bay

You might have guessed that I have a thing for the area around Mawgan Porth. I maybe slightly bias but I can also confirm that the beaches still take my breath away. Watergate Bay is known for being a fantastic surf spot and a great place if you want to try out lessons. If you're just calling through though, I'd recommend stopping in at the Watergate Bay Hotel. The balcony has a fantastic sweeping view around the front which overlooks the beach. Sunset from that location is pretty special to!

The Eden Project

This one is for those who are nature lovers. The Eden Project is effectively pockets of habitat from other areas of the world. If you love nature and experiencing plants its not to be missed. If you're not a garden lover, this probably wont be high up your list. The buildings themselves are seriously impressive though and with so much to see/ even if you just want to wander and relax, it's a great place to do so. If music's more your thing, the venue also holds concerts which is a perfect way to immerse yourself in an incredible venue whilst not having to spend to much time looking a plants.

There is so many more incredible places to uncover in the county but one thing that you cant experience anywhere else is the feeling of slowing down. The moment to pause and take in your location to feel you heart rate return to normal and for just that small moment, be completely at peace with the world around you!

Where are you favourite places to visit in Cornwall?


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