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Thursday, 8 November 2018

My Favourite Ethical and Sustainable Blogs For All Your Sustainability Needs

Over the past year, I have found myself looking at what others in the sustainability industry are talking about to decipher where the next sustainability movement will come from. From plastic straws and coffee cups to fast fashion, they have been discussed for far longer than what most people are aware of.

With so many incredible sustainable blogs out their, and instagram pages which open your eyes up to new perspectives, I thought I'd finally compose a list of those who inspire me. Some are big, others small but all have a shared passion for sustainability and really do cover all sorts!

A bit of everything

Curiously Conscious 
Besma likes to cover all elements of sustainability. I love her vegan recipes and ability to highlight brands that I have never heard of.

Moral Fibres
Wendy's blog literally covers all elements of sustainability. From tips about how to reduce your waste to present inspiration. My favourite element is her news round up though, sharing all sorts of stories good and bad in an easily digestible way!

The Good Trade
Although more than just a blog (there is an entire team behind this blog), the website offers a little oasis on the web. Their daily emails give you travel inspiration, calming music to listen to and brands to try. Every single article is beautifully written and makes you believe you can really make changes simply.

An instagram page and blog that provides you with real facts, clear understanding and constant inspiration to do better. Alden is tackling sustainability

Ethical Unicorn
Probably the most well known blog in the sustainability circuit, Francesca, lives in London and talks all things sustainable. She also does alot of social justice talking to. Her posts are eye opening and really make you think about important issues in our daily lives. Go check her out, you wont be disappointed.

Sustainable Stephanie
A girl after my own heart, Stephanie talks all things environmental, and sustainable from cruelty free brands, zero waste and wildlife. Her instagram covers it all.


Sustainably Chic
Natalie of Sustainability Chic covers predominately sustainable fashion with some beauty and parenting thrown in.

Recess City
Probably my favourite ever instagram page, the blog is created by a couple of  photographers who've been lucky enough to travel the world, photograph amazing locations and discuss sustainable issues. They share their favourite sustainability brands each week and their images are far to dreamy!

Ethical Made Easy
Jasmine's instagram page does what it says on the tin, she shares sustainable fashion brands so that you don't have to go searching high and low!


Travel For Difference
Kate's photos are breathtaking and her real talk on travel issues around sustainability are truly eye opening. She constantly inspires and offers a new perspective to travelling which you cant help but engage with.

Hazaar the Bazaar
Although technically an instagram blog, Imogen has been travelling all over Greece and Turkey to places most people would avoid. She shares her real experiences of the places and proves that the media is often very wrong about a destiniation. She is the kindest soul and will remind you that amazing people are at every turn.


Hungry City Hippy 
A sustainable food blog based in Cardiff who talks about the restaurants, zero waste stores, lifestyle events in the area and ways to eat more sustainably in general . Every time I visit her blog is ,makes me want to hop on a train and explore the city and i bet it will do the same for you!


Ethical Elephant
Mainly focused on ethical beauty, this blog breaks down fake news in the industry to provide a clear  understanding on brands you love.

Cruelty Free Kitty
The holy grail of cruelty free beauty information. This blog is your one stop shop for all information, subscribe and you will be informed of brands as soon as information is released. The blog is so easy to use and all the information you can think of will be provided.

Cruelty Free Becky
Although a predominantly a  youtuber, not a blogger, Becky is up there in my favourite people in the ethical beauty space. She's finally a relatable beauty blogger who is hilerious and informative in equal measures. Her thrifting ability is also second to none and I feel the need to have her accompany me on a thrifting adventure to see what we can find!

Do you know of any sustainable bloggers? Who do you love to learn from?


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