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Sunday 25 February 2018

Brand of the Week; Gather & See

Gather & See is a little different from the other brands that I have shared on my brand of the week section mainly because they're a retailer of other sustainable brands and don't actually have their own clothing line. This is what makes the brand so great as I'll now explain.

You see, having a retailer that only sells sustainable clothing provides a fantastic way for you to see a variety of brands that you know meet a certain standard and the hard work and energy to try and find out about the brands has already been done for you.

Gather & See are fairly selective with who they showcase with all brands having to meet two of their 5 philosophies which are:

Fair Trade



Small Scale Production


Along side this selection criteria Gather & See work closely with the brands so that should the customer require more information about the brand such as they clothing origin etc this information is readily available. This also means that customers can then ensure that the clothing meets their own personal requirement because they have the information easily accessible.

Finally my last favourite thing about the site is the fact that it also has a blog called The Gatherer. On the blog they have Q&A with brands, top picks of clothing to other lifestyle things.

So here's to a website that makes shopping for sustainable fashion nice and easy and all in one place!


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