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Wednesday 21 February 2018

24 hours in Llandudno; A Guide

Not actually planning a trip but going away is something I had never done until recently. Louis and I agreed to pack our bags for a trip to somewhere in the UK but we decided to pick a place when we were together instead of over the phone. So on Saturday morning, upon Louis arrival we sat down, I chose we needed to be within 2 hours of Cheshire and he picked that he wanted the sea side. Next thing we knew we were on the road heading to Llandudno with 24 hours of unorganised exploring to go!

So here are my top tips for a short break to the seaside town...

Where to stay? 

We managed to get a room at the Belmont Hotel which was amazing. Although we didn't get a sea view room the whole hotel was in a fantastic location and the breakfast was incredible.

 For £77 we were beyond happy! If you want another incredible hotel though why not check out Escape Boutique and if you're wanted to have a really high end stay your best bet is to head to The Quay Hotel. Although this isn't technically in Llandudno, its in Conwy you are still only 15 minutes away and the spa and views are fantastic.

Where to eat and drink?

If like me food is always on your mind then you will want to know where to grab a bite to eat. Thankfully Llandudno is filled with fantastic eateries to cover all of your food wishes.

For Indian, head to the blind elephant in the centre of town. For Italian go to Mamma Rosa's and for Seafood we were recommended Seahorse.

If you're wanting a lovely pub then head to Cottage Loaf- I've only heard good things and the menu looks divine.

For our evening meal we settled on Candles a a family run restaurant a 10 minute walk from our hotel. I don't think I've ever been in a restaurant where you feel like you're truly stepping into someones front room and they've invited you round for tea. The tables were filled with people laughing and smiling and having a fantastic time.  For tea I opted for the 4 course vegetarian meal in which every single part was just delicious! 

If you're wanting your stereotypical fish and chips on the pier in the day then I would recommend a restaurant a little further into town (although you can grab a takeaway) called Barnacles. They cater for everyone from vegan to gluten free to your standard fish and chips. The restaurant itself is basic but everything you really need and the food was exceptionally well priced as well!

There is only one logical choice if you're fancying a nice drink in a beautiful setting that isn't a pub and that's a bar and restaurant called SNOOZE. The wine list is pretty good, and the food menu looked incredible. Additionally the atmosphere is somehow cozy even when the place is busy. The fact that the bar was located opposite our hotel also made it extra appealing to!

What to do?

 For a little town there is quite a lot to explore, from the beach at one of to the pier at the other. Naturally we let our childish ways out for the weekend playing in the arcades to win our selves a lolly (worth every minute).

After walking around the town and popping into some of the shops (Yankee Candle Shop sale!) we decided to head up to the Great Orm, one of the most famous points of the area. Sadly we couldn't get the tram or the cable car up because these are both shut till March but we did drive. The views were pretty spectacular, as were the winds! I don't think I've ever experienced such heavy winds in my life but it certainly made for a fun afternoon.

After visiting the top we the drove the coastal road all the way around the peninsula. The views were stunning and if we had more time I would have loved to walk the path instead.

Our last stop after lunch was to  Conwy castle, we didn't have time to go inside (its a natural trust property) but we did wander the walls and around the place which is pretty impressive. There is something magical about trying to image how people once lived in buildings and so I'll take any opportunity to soak up some history.

If we had had more time I would have liked to pop into the Oriel Mostyn Gallery in Llandudno town. Its I was recommended it by a trusted source (my mother) and the cafe is also meant to be a pretty great spot for a quick break.

Llandudno was a fantastic weekend away and I would definitely go back when the  trams are open to experience it all over again. If you're wanting a fun destination which has a little bit of everything I cant recommend a trip enough! Here's to more spontaneous trips away because adventure is definitely more fun when not completely planned!

Have you ever been to Llandudno? Where would you recommend visiting?


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