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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Brand of the Week; Marks and Spencer

There are so many brands out there doing great things, from main high street names to companies you may never heard of. These vary from fashion brands, to banks and airlines. So many of these good things though, sadly get brushed under the carpet and go unnoticed.

So I wanted to create something on my blog that not only shows brands with fantastic products but ones who also have a brilliant ethos which can sometimes be a little difficult to uncover.

my dress | £49.50
The first company I wanted to look was naturally Marks & Spencer. A brand which goes above and beyond most high street brands for sustainability. Plus, their collections this year have been pretty darn impressive too.

 So what has M&S been doing that's so good?

Well, to start with they've recycled all their waste since 2012 and have reduced the amount of waste produced in the past 10 years by 28%.

They have also greatly reduced their dependency on fossil fuels and vulnerable ecosystems.

They have raised and donated £200 million to community programmes.

The company also became carbon neutral in the UK and Ireland back in 2012.

49% of their cotton, 99% of the wood materials and 27% of their leather are now from more sustainable sources, WAHOO.

They've also collaborated with food suppliers to try and ensure sustainable water in their products with eco-factories in the UK, Turkey and China. Not only have they got good factories but also ensured set pay standards around the world.

So its safe to say, behind all the tasty food and nice clothes there is far more to Marks and Spencer to what we see on the high street, just like some of my favourites below.

Colour Block Jacket | £59 Wool Blend Coat | £119 Velvet Jacket & Trousers | £69  & £39.50

Polka Dot Trousers | £45 Checked Wide Leg Trousers | £35 Striped Wide Leg Trousers | £45

Cable Knit Turtle Neck | £35 Cotton Blend Ribbed Strap Jumper | £45 Frill Top | £22.50

Do you like Marks and Spencer? What are your favourite sustainable brands?


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