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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A New Type of Festival; Blue Dot Festival

Girl at Festival

I love festivals, there is nothing quite like the buzz of music, the small of all those food trucks and the atmosphere of people just enjoying themselves care free. A few weeks ago my mum asked if I wanted to go to a festival which was a little different from your conventional music festival and so of course, I said yes.

Girl at Jodrell Bank

Blue dot festival is different because although there is music, there is also lots of talks surrounding science and it's family friendly. The science, ties in perfectly with the name of course, because blue dot is this little planet we call home.

festival icecream

The setting for the festival was just incredible. I don't think many people can say they have been to a festival held around a giant telescope, its just feels so surreal! The weather for the weekend was also incredible, it felt like I was abroad yet in reality I was only 20 minutes away from my house!

Girl at Festival

We started our day by watching the Mommin's where the showing was accompanied by a live performance of the score by the original composers and original instruments as well, it was so quirky and fun!

festival food

Following some tasty Paella for lunch (I mean did you even go to a festival if you don't consume a huge portion?!), my afternoon was taken up attending talks on lots of different science areas from graphite and plastics in our ocean to a talk about how we are never going to remain within the 2 degrees of the Paris agreement and how it is the wealthy 10% (which will likely  include you if you're a frequently flier) who are mainly responsible for global warming, crazy hey!

Girl at Festival

One of the other major things about the festival that makes it a little special is its focus on sustainability. I guess its quite hard to tell people to reduce your carbon footprint if the festival itself isn't doing it. Now of course there is definitely more that could be done but the fact that they actively encourage car sharing, the big green bus or even biking to the event, only using biodegradable cutlery in the food outlets, making people aware of the waste stats on arrival, and then creating a food bank should people wish to leave behind non perishable food is all pretty good stuff and moving the event in the write direction. If only they had food compost bins, solar powered lights and compost toilets they would be well on the way.

festival food

As the afternoon went on, we enjoyed lazing around in the sun listening to the different bands that played whilst munching on all types of food, from falafal and hummus pita to loaded chips and to finish, churros.

Girl at Festival

As I only attended the festival for one day I sadly didn't get to trying all the rest of the incredible food, but my gosh I wish I had.

Girl at Blue Dot Festival

The festival was full of quirky corners, one of those included a bizarrre art piece where they were giant inflatable balls which made sounds, vibrated and lights  lights inside. We were told to embrace them, so naturally I obliged.

Girls at Festival selfie

The rest of the evening pasts in great company, I even got to see my blogger buddy and fellow science enthusiast Lily  which was an added bonus and resulted of course in some pictures being taken!

Girl at FestivalGirl dancing at a Festival

Festival fashion is one of my favourite because people don't have to hold back, as I was unsure of who would be attending I didn't want to go too out there but I did to throw of a glittery leotard, with shorts and my favourite cape which was a savoir in the evening. If you don't have one, I would highly recommend investing in such an item.

Girl at Festival wearing a Cape

The festival was a brilliant day, it gave me the opportunity to unwind with family and close family friends and indulge in life which master's has, at times prevented.

The big blue dot we call home certainly does have some incredible things on it, from the sky and the stars which I danced under to alt j to the incredible people I got to spend time with.

Girl at Festival
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Would I go again? Of course, but given a change, I don't think their are many festivals I wouldn't want to attend. Recently however, I do find that these smaller quirky festivals which offer something unique provide a brilliant opportunity to try new things and whats not to love about that?!

What quirky festivals do you know about? Are you heading to any festivals this summer?


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