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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Cocktail Tasting at the Alchemist

If you live near Manchester or Leeds, it's likely that you have heard of the Alchemist. If not, where have you been? It's well known for creating fun twists on cocktails making them not only unusual but also delicious. When I got to try their new cocktail menu, I felt it was only fair to share what I thought with you to!

We were greated at the event which was held at the New York Street Alchemist in Manchester with a cocktail called peaches and cream which was absolutely delicious! The Prosecco was served in a separate glass enabling you to pour as much or as little in and the flavours were lovely and sweet.

Whilst waiting for others to arrive we were asked to select which cocktail we would like to be shown how to make, Charlotte who I had brought with me chose the Lightbulb Moment, Lily from jolihouse selected a Key Lime Pie and I  chose Tickle Me Pink.

If you're looking for a cocktail with visual impact, Light Bulb Moment is definitely the one you're looking for!

After heating the spirits in a small pan you add the mixture to a lightbulb shaped mixology glass placed in a glass of ice. You then add dry ice and the whole thing steams like crazy! The cocktail is tasty as well and if you like gin and ginger beer you are bound to enjoy this.

Key Lime Pie is perfect if you have a sweet tooth or are wanting a cocktail for dessert. The edge of the glass is rubbed with hobnob and after shaking all the spirits in a boston tin, they are strained into the glass with cream then being added to the top before being scorched on top with a blow torch to give it that caramelised taste. It really does taste like the liquid equivalent of a key lime pie.

Top tip: the reason you're not given a straw is so you don't miss out on the mixing of the flavours including the cream and spirits as that's what it's all about!

My drink, Tickle Me Pink, didn't look as interesting but most definitely made up for it in taste as it was absolutely delicious! The drink was gin based but before drinking you were given a small syringe filled with electric syrup also called stings. This was made up from gin and a bud from a flower which causes your mouth to tickle and tingle which lasts for a long time and adds to your drinking experience. Certainly weird but definitely wonderful!

After some tasty nibbles and our nails being painted by Aesthetics at Pierre Alexandre Salon we decided to try another cocktail each.

This time Charlotte chose the Black Jack, which was created by the head barman where we were. He made it up but you were required to mix the ingredients from the syringe and pouring bottle before drinking.

The final result, a step back to childhood of the black jack sweet but better as I was never a huge fan of the sweets at all! Can someone go get me a bag on pick and mix?!

Lily chose the iceless mojito which came in graduated cylinder and although I didn't get to taste it she said it was pretty tasty but it did have a funny texture as it had jelly like consistency with in it as well. Weird and wonderful!

I finished my night off with the Ball breaker, a drink which has a jelly ball that you're required to burst and flood the glass with the pink syrup. Not as tasty as as tickle me pink but certainly still scrummy with the hint of grapefruit remaining after each taste which was really nice!

As one night wasn't enough of cocktails, my mum and I headed to the Alchemist in Leeds for food and of course trying more of the menu before my graduation the next day.

I started the evening with a Grapefruit and Apple Martini which was served like a classic and tasted lovely and sweet when your first took a sip followed by the after taste of the grapefruit. It was super easy to drink and a nice way to start another evening.

Next up was Bubble Bath, another perfect drink if you're wanting to have something visually impressive. There was quite a floral scent to this cocktail and the bubbles were funny on your tongue. My advice, drink slowly and leave to sit for a good 10 minutes until the bubbling has stopped as it just feels too weird for me when it was bubbling in my mouth!

Mum opted for Lady Marmalade which was far too floral for either of us which you wouldn't have been expected, the orange tang we were hoping for was just over powered and so mum had to ask for a new one, impressive on the table with plenty of smoke but not very enjoyable to drink sadly.

The last cocktail of the night was a Solaro, like the Keylime Pie, a dessert cocktail should you wish. My gosh was it delicious, it may not look anything special but it tasted heavenly. The use of white chocolate cream on top added the sweet hint as you drank the alcohol through just like icecream does. It really was a liquidised solaro icecream, all I needed was to be back in the sun!

So there is my long list of tried and tested cocktails, it was extensive and hard work but definitely worth while!

What are your favourite cocktails to drink? Do you like the Alchemist?


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