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Monday, 2 May 2016

Eat Pasta Run Faster With Vapiano, Manchester

Vapiano Review Manchester

Its May (how is it May already?!) and so my excuses to avoid the gym have finally come to an end and I'm determined to get fit for summer!
Vapiano Review Manchester

Last weekend I had a meet up with the lovely blogging girls,  ElliePaula and Lily. Vapiano just so happened to ask us to take part in their healthy eating campaign called #EatPastaRunFaster as well which was perfect timing. The afternoon was filled with food, gossips, laughter, pictures and was certainly a lovely was to spend a Sunday evening.

Drinks in Manchester

After meeting Paula and Ellie, we walked down towards the restaurant where we met Lily. The restaurant can be found on the Corn Exchange, which I hadn't been to since it was redone last year. After a quick drink in the cosy club of refreshing lemonade we then headed next door to try the menu at Vapiano .

Cosy Club Manchester

Vapiano isn't like most restaurants, instead, you are given a card upon arrival where all your food and drink are logged onto. This is because you go up to order from certain areas depending on what you want to eat.

EatPastaRunFasta Vapiano Review Manchester

 It sounds like some of your fast food restaurants but it actually really works! If you want a pizza they will cook it fresh for you, salad? They'll make it then and there and the same for pasta allowing you to personalise each of your dishes if you wish as well.

EatPastaRunFaster Vapiano Manchester

 The card and self service style also means that instead of waiting for your food, they cook it where you can watch with only fresh ingredients and takes about half the time! Going with a group of friends is also instantly easier because you don't need to faff around with splitting the bill at the end as you are all separate!

EatPastaRunFaster Vapiano Manchester- Lily's Photo

The corn exchange building, having been redone is so light and airy (perfect for blogging photos) and the restaurant really makes the most of the light with light coloured benches and white walls.

EatPastaRunFaster Vapiano Manchester

EatPastaRunFaster Vapiano Manchester, Lily and Me

After settling in (and taking a few pictures, isn't Lily stunning!) we headed to the antipasti section.

EatPastaRunFaster Vapiano, Manchester

I ordered the strawberry spinach salad with goats cheese, red onion and pine nuts with a raspberry maple dressing.

EatPastaRunFaster Vapiano, Manchester

The salad was surprisingly large and would have been perfect for a light main meal (we were told to try a variety of food, so naturally we did, even if this was a main!).

EatPastaRunFaster Vapiano, Manchester

The salad was really refreshing with the dressing adding a nice tang. Anything with cheese on for me is always going to be a winner as well! Although I'm not a fan of red onion, it did add to the flavour and I even managed to eat some pine nuts (my mum would be proud!).

EatPastaRunFaster Vapiano, Manchester

Next we went onto the main course and the reason why we had been invited to try the menu at Vapiano. 

The #EatPastaRunFaster campaign is all about promoting healthy ways to eat carbs, like the fresh pasta dishes at the restaurant and how a good healthy bowl of pasta can actually aid your training program by providing slow release energy. Many people often assume that if they want to loose weight they need to cut out carbohydrates, where in fact, pasta and other carbs can help you train and run for longer (and potentially faster) without the lag in energy levels!

EatPastaRunFaster Vapiano, Manchester- Paula and I

I ordered the Filetto Di Manzo Rucola with Campanelle pasta which had beef fillet, mushrooms, fresh vegetables, white wine, onions, rocket and then olive oil and chili with my permission. I couldn't help but smile with Paula whilst waiting for them to cook my meal 

EatPastaRunFaster Vapiano, Manchester

The pasta was absolutely heavenly. One thing I have always loved is just how different fresh pasta tastes to dried pasta and all the pasta we consumed was made on site that day which meant the meal really was as fresh as it could be!

EatPastaRunFaster Vapiano, Manchester

We were even given a tour and shown where the fresh pasta is made each morning!

EatPastaRunFaster Vapiano, Manchester

If you liked you're pasta you could even pick up a packet to take home with you (next time I am certainly doing this!)

After a rest period as we were already nearly experiencing food commas, we were convinced to try the desserts and so we decided to order 4 and all try a little of each.

Vapiano, Manchester

All of the deserts are made on site and lots come in really cute little pots and jars

Vapiano, Manchester

After nibbling on all four, we voted the Cioccolata Foresta Nera to be the best but the Cioccolata Bianca with honey comb and salted caramel was a close second! 

Vapiano, Manchester

If you've never heard of Vapiano then you're not alone, in the UK there are only 3 in London and then the restaurant in Manchester which opened last November. They are all over the world though, and I'm so sad it took me so long to find them.

Vapiano, Manchester

The food was absolutely delicious and also available to take away if you want to grab a quick meal, perfect for those who have a busy life and it also reminded me that my love for pasta and carbs is okay (especially when I plan on going for an early morning run the following day) which as you can see made me VERY HAPPY!

Vapiano, Manchester

I had the best night in fab company with these lovely ladies, I can't wait until next time and hopefully another food comma as good as this one!

Thank you to Vapiano and to Marius for looking after us, our meals were complimentary but all the views are my own and my love for pasta was well and truly confirmed (not that I needed much persuasion)! 

Also go check out Vapiano's blog where they have a meal plan to get pasta into your diet if you're in training!!

Have you been to Vapiano? What are your favourite pasta dishes? Get in touch...


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