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Sunday, 24 April 2016

My Top Tips for Skiing Trips; A Quick Ski Trip to Verbier

This Easter I was lucky enough to visit two of my good friends whilst they were on their season in Verbier, Switzerland. Having not been skiing for 3 years it certainly took me a day or two to find my ski legs, but, I  still managed to have an amazing time!

As I've been skiing since a young age I massively take for granted that its quite a scary holiday for some people to go on, so I thought I would share with you little pieces of advice if you have never been skiing before, or you've never had to organise the trip yourself! I think skiing (or snowboarding)is something that everyone can enjoy and it is also a great way to see some of our most picturesque landscapes!

1. Find a resort suited to your standard- If you are a beginner then you wont want to go to a place like Verbier which mainly consist of red and black runs. Austria is known for having lots of great beginner resorts (and is pretty cheap) and so does France (where I learnt) such as Les Sybelles, Les 3 Valleys with places like Val Thorens and Meribel that are known for fantastic skiing for all. Making sure you can really make the most of your trip is vital to having a great holiday. I know so many people that have gone down a really hard first run and doubted their ability the rest of the week (me included). Its better to start easy and build up!

2. Set your budget- Skiing is an expensive holiday, once you've included your lift pass and skiing hire you can already be well over £200 and that's without flights, transfers or accommodation BUT don't let this put you off! Avoid school season like the plague and you will have a cheaper ski pass. Want to save money? Avoid Switzerland at all cost, it is extortionate and no good skiing is worth paying £25 for a cheese fondue. If you want to keep the price down, there are plenty of self catering accommodation with plenty of restaurants and super markets near by. Alternatively chalets are an amazing thing, there is nothing like coming of the slope to find a big piece of cake waiting for you at the end of a tough day, but this obviously comes with a greater cost!

3. Go at the right time in the season- December and April are low season with the cheapest passes but that is because the snow is at its worst with some places not having any at all and some runs being closed. To get the best snow for a good price, mid season passes at the end of February and beginning of March are the best. Just make sure you avoid the school holidays (including the country you are skiing in) otherwise the slopes are very busy!

4. Good gear- You need to have good ski gear, otherwise, especially if you go early February you will be very cold! You don't need to pay a fortune for ski stuff either. Right now, all of the ski stock is being sold  HENCE ME DOING THE POST! Discount centres with trespass and mountain equipment are a great port of call, a quicksilver or roxy shop is also good at this time of year to find a good deal.

5. Use your head- The most important thing for skiing, make sure you get a helmet! Whether it's rented or bought before hand, helmets are a must! Skiing can be very dangerous and so protecting your most important asset it vital, Most skiers today wear one just because it's so much safer and also means that if you fall your less likely to get injured from other people coming down the slope behind you. 

6. Apres- Verbier sadly didn't really have Apres up the mountain in the afternoon, but had one in town in the evening which surprised me massively. If you don't know what apres is, it's effectively a giant party up the mountain in the afternoon in which everyone skies down (or takes the lift down) afterwards. They are great fun with many resorts having live DJs and drink deals on for the event. If you want to have a party afternoon in the sun with a few drinks, Apres is a must!

7. Get some lessons before hand- In the UK now we have great indoor ski centres where you can grab a few lessons before you go out. I would highly recommend this as, although I would recommend lessons when you're out on your trip as well, understanding and managing the basics like turns, stopping and lifts, will allow you to progress quicker and enjoy yourself more when you're out there. By doing a few lessons before hand as well, it means you will be able to cover more ground of the resort as your confidence grows!

8. Food!- New skiers always underestimate just how exhausting skiing can be on the body. This year I was aching all over for the majority of the trip! You're body is in positions it is not used to and because it's cold out you're also burning through energy at a faster rate. I always keep a chocolate bar in my pocket to nibble on throughout the morning but you could also have protein bars of some sort just so you can have some high energy release to keep your muscles energized. Another thing to remember is it can sometimes be hard to eat healthily. A lot of resorts offer, chips, hotdogs, pizza, crepes, fondue but not always a good salad. So don't be surprised if you sometimes struggle to find something healthy to eat!

9. Enjoy the scenery- So many people are so focused on just skiing that they forget where they are! Lots of resorts have loads of fun activities to do and although the obviously will cost you a little more, one of my favourite memories was ice skating in Tignes whilst the sun was setting around me! Moments like that are what travelling is all about!!

Have you ever been skiing? Do you want to go next year?


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