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Friday, 15 April 2016

Holiday Inspiration; Jet2 Sunchester Event

Is summer finally around the corner? I cant make my mind up but I certainly wish for it to appear any day now and on the topic of summer, earlier this month I was lucky enough to be invited to the Jet2Sunchester event which was held in Manchester.

The event showcased some of Jet2 Holidays favourite summer destinations, such as Malta, Tenerife, Majorca and Magaluf (not that I think I could face going back to maga again, even though the new hotel looks AMAZING with a brand new adult water park?!?!).

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Throughout the day I not only got to try some great cocktails, have my face covered in glitter but also meet some fellow bloggrs such as the lovely Ellie, Paula and Lily

Picture from Lily's Blog see above
Although I didn't have a massage or my nails done the event (we could have been truly pampered), th event certainly got me in the mood for summer, so much so that I thought I would share with you my top summer destinations this year, and where I am and wish I was heading !!

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1. The Beach Holiday- Naxos, Greece- This destination is my number one and that maybe due to the fact I am going this summer with my boyfriend along with visiting Mykonos and Santorini, stay tuned as there will be ALOT of blogging about there! Naxos is a little quieter than the other surrounding islands I'm visiting but that doesn't make it any less beautiful. In fact I think it makes it even more stunning. The beaches look incredible, and the island has many villages that are still classically greek with little commercialization. This, along with stunning old ruins is why I cant wait for June!

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2. The Exploring Holiday- Malta-  I had never even considered Malta as a holiday destination until I was at the Jet2 event and now it is somewhere I CAN NOT wait to visit. Malta seems to be a place for everything, from festivals to beaches and diving, it has something for everyone. The fact that although it gets hot it doesn't get boiling also appeals as it means I can go exploring what ever time of day. If you love your music as well, MTV take over the entire island for one week in summer whilst Annie Mac also does a big event, I think I'm more excited about the Sunscape Festival at the beginning of July where music and yoga, meditation, water sports and chilling out are combined (maybe I'll make it next year)!

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3. The Festival Holiday- Obonjan, Croatia- A festival that's on all summer long, where you can stay for however long you like  that manages to combines arts, music, wellbeing and culture? Yep this is the type of festival my dreams are made out off and am currently trying to see if I can find the funds to head off to this under the radar event this summer! The festival can be foound on Obanjan Island just off the coast of Croatia and if its as good as it sounds, its going to be incredible! I only managed to find out about this from my favourite all time website, if you havent heard of it yet, get suscribed, from daily news updates to the best things to do around london and meals to try per day it has become my 'bible'!

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4. The Spa Holiday- Tenerife- I am not normally a person to suggest Tenerife as a holiday destination, mainly because I feel that it is so overcrowded by us Brits that you are not really gaining much of a cultural experience by visiting. That being said though, when the islands holds one of the best Spa hotels in the world, Hotel Botanico and The Oriental Spa Garden, the appeal is very different. I have always wanted to have a spa holiday and there couldn't be any better place than the Hotel Botanico which is surrounded by stunning gardens and views of the mountains to make anyone feel super relaxed and peaceful. After speaking to the reps at the Jet2 event I realised just how much I want to go and escape to somewhere where, although their is plenty of hustle and bustle in the towns near by, whilst at the hotel you can completely switch off from the world and just enjoy some you time. Just what I will need following my final exams in May I feel!

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5. The Road Trip- NC500, Scotland- Now bear with me, don't make a snap decision to write this trip off just yet! The 600 mile road only opened last year and yet has already been hailed the UKs answer to route 66 and named one of the best coastal roads in the world just 2 months after it opened! This route takes you all the way around Scotland's coastline running in a loop from Inverness. I am so excited to do this route in Summer (hopefully anyway). From castles, to beaches and mountains, this trip is stunning and so instagramable its may even feel wrong to shut your phone away but make sure you do try so you can really indulge in the beauty of the area!

This list is so much longer in my head and includes the likes of Costa Rica, Bali, Tanzania, Antigua, California, Fiji, Iceland and Borneo but for now, I decided to only share my realistic trips for the near future! A big thank you to Jet2 Holidays for inviting me to the event and to all the people I spoke to whilst there as well who gave me some great holiday inspiration!

To find out more about some of the holiday destinations and to gain some summer inspiration visi

Where are you wanting to go this summer? Where would recommend visiting on holiday?


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