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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Mary Kate and Ashley Style Inspiration

After my post the other day talking about Mary Kate and Ashley being award Womenswear Designers of the Year and how they have inspired me in so many ways, I felt I should do a little post about their style and how to get the look.

The duo have been around for as long as I can remember and even when they first started walking the red carpet they still managed to look good! Their films are known by every girl from the 90s and were a fundamental part of  my childhood. New York Minute is still my go to film when I need a pick me up!

As the twins have gotten older though, fashion is where they have been found and Mary Kate was even declared a fashion icon for her homeless look. From their first clothing line in America "Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real fashion for real girls" they hit the headlines by providing full maternity leave for the workers making the clothes in Bangladesh!

Today they have multiple fashion lines including The Row (see my blogpost here), Elizabeth and James which is just stunning and plays with a little more colour (have a look here), as well as a new fashion line in Oslo, Norway. To say they have made an impact on the fashion world is a little understatement.

Here are some of my favourite pieces that have the Olsen twin look...

1. Knitted Boyfriend Block Cardigan £20 | Online here
2. Longline Gilet In Vintage Faux Fur £60.00 | Online here
3. ASOS Duster Coat £60.00 |Online here
4. Colarless Cape Blazor £54 | Online here
5. ASOS Ridley Skinny Ankle Grazer Jeans in Clean Black £30.00 | Online here
6. AQ AQ Verses Maxi Dress with Cami Straps £36 | Online here
7. ASOS Jumpsuit With Tuxedo Wrap £45.00| Online here
8. Slim Cigarette Linen Trouser £22.00 | Online here
9.Baby Rib Jumper With Turtle Neck in Structured Knit £22.00 | Online here
10.ASOS Oversized Blouse £25 | Online here
11. Boyfriend White Shirt £28 | Online here
12. High Neck T-Shirt in Tunic Length £16 | Online here
13. Curve Hem Jumper £14 | Online here
14. Sleeveless Roll Neck Tunic in Rib With Split Sides £25.00 | Online here
15. Chunky Jumper in Twist Yarn with Turtle Neck £22 | Online here
16. Noisy May Long Sleeve Knit Top £15 | Online here
17. LABORATORY Pointed Mule Ballets £20.00 | Online in black here or nude here
18 ASOS SYMBOL Heels £25 | Online here 
19. DEAMER Plimsolls £20/£16 | Online here or here 
20. FLANT Sliders £10 | Online here

So thats the end of my VERY long list, I hope I have stirred your inner Olsen Twin

Do you like Mary Kate and Ashley? Did you watch their movies? Do you like any of the clothes I picked out?


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