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Sunday 13 December 2020

8 ways to Minimise Waste This Christmas

We all know Christmas means way more of everything is consumed and wasted. The figures are staggering, but there are many simple ways that you can reduce your overall waste over the festive holidays. Below are just a few ideas to help along the way.

Shop Loose

Over the festive period we buy so much more than normal (of everything). So before you order why not try to do as much of your food shop at your local market where you're likely to find fruit and veg loose. Even at supermarkets if you bring your own bags for loose veg you'll never need those rubbish plastic thin bags again. Similarly, shop smart. Think of all the presents you need and if you are needing to order lots from one place (we all know the amazon order) then try to do this in one go. This will mean less boxes, shipping and emissions are created from your order, and less rubbish that ends up in your recycling bin. Finally, take your bags with you. We all have tons of bags sat around at home, so when you hit the shops remember to take them. After all, they are just another product that will likely end in the bin once home if you don't!

Give The Gift Of Experience

This year, instead of physical gifts, why not get friends and family experiences in which they can create memories. Whether it's tickets to see a show, afternoon tea, gin tasting, rally car racing, theme park visiting, or a hotel stay in a new place there are so many options to suit all budgets and personality types! What's not to love?!

Save the Wrapping Paper

These are so many fantastic options for wrapping presents that create less waste. From using Who Gives a Crap toilet roll paper (perfect squares for wrapping candles), to using old pieces of fabric (Lucy and Yak send out their items in beautiful fabric bags), or using gift bags instead which can be reused year upon year. If you do go for wrapping, try not to go for something with glitter or metallics, as this can not be recycled. Instead why not try simple paper and decorate with a festive bow/ flowers/ pinecones etc to get you in the Christmas mood.

Pick Your Fairy Lights With Care

With Christmas Tree lights being a big thing, and many of us stringing lights up around the front of our houses, if you're having to buy new lights then please make sure you purchase LEDs instead. LEDs use far less energy than the other options whilst also often producing far more light. For you're lights around your house, it maybe worth investing in a timer so that the lights are on only in the evenings when it is dark and are not left on all night when you're asleep. Similarly keeping your tree lights to only being on in the evening will save you a fair amount of money!

Plan Your Leftovers

We all know the story, no one can quite finish off that last potato or stuffing ball and with only a few small pieces of veg left over, most sadly end in the bin. Instead though, why not chuck a few more in the roasting tin planning ahead that they will be left over and so then can be made into soups, broths or cracking left over sandwiches. Websites like the BBC Good Food and Waitrose also provide a wealth of inspiration for what you can do with your left overs. If worst comes to worse, just be sure to start a food waste bin/ compost bin to hold your waste after.

Use your Legs Instead of an Engine to get to a Friend’s House or the Pub

The majority of us to not head far over the festive season yet the temptation to jump in the car is great. So this year why not walk to the pub or your friends house whilst enjoying some fresh air and movement (what many of us don't get when stuck behind an office desk all day!).It also means you can go to be knowing you've done a small something for the planet over the festive period as well.

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

If you've chosen to buy a real tree instead of renting, then they're fully recyclable and can be shredded into chippings which are then used locally in parks or woodland areas. Although this can be a little trickier in cities, chucking your tree in your green bin or taking it to the tip isn't the only option. Instead if you have a garden you can use the tree as kindling for a fire. Alternatively, there are many beaches that are using trees to help stop further erosion so if you live by the seas be sure to see if you can find your closest.

Reuse or Donate Unneeded Gifts

Everyone ends up with a gift that they may not necessarily need/ like. Instead of stuffing it into ta draw though, why not think how best to use it. Is it one of your friends favourite foods? Do you have a family member that the household item may really match? Finally, if there are so many shelters around the country who would really appreciate donations for unopened shower wash, shampoo and the like. So lets start re-gifting for the better, so that nothing actually goes to waste!

Let me know your tips!


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