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Saturday 28 March 2020

How to be Sustainable in a Lockdown

The current climate is scary. Emotions are all over the place and its hard not to be left with worry or concern. With us all trying to adjust to this new way of living, working and socialising it is perfectly normal to need to stop and take stock of the situation. I for one have felt afloat over the past week, with the realisation of the current situation really hitting home and the scale of what is at risk becoming more and more apparent.

With only one task on the to do list - avoid physical contact with others - I thought I'd use my only outlet on here to share with you some ideas and projects that you could undertake, should you feel so inclined to help you move towards living a more sustainable life as we emerge out of these times. Some are simple and some are pretty fun to!

So without further a do, here's a few simple things you can do to live more sustainably at home... 

1. Change your energy provider

It maybe some thing that people have been banging on about for a fair amount of time but changing your energy provider is one quick fire way to make a difference. With working from home, there has never been a more important time to ensure that you're using renewable energy to power your activities.

2. Create a compost bin

Have a garden? Why not spend some time clearing a small space to create you're own compost bin, you will need some wood to make it but it will save you a fortune on compost and help you to add value to your waste. If you don't have a garden, making sure you spend time to separate out your food waste is still really important. You can even get a little indoor composter to create what you need indoors!

3. Plant some seeds 

Empty yogurt pots, and toilet rolls are the perfect starter pots for seedlings. If you're visiting the supermarket you can grab a pack of seeds that you really think you will eat. Even better, order some organic seeds and have them delivered through the post and you can support one of your local businesses in the process.

4. Grow new from your waste

If you don't fancy growing food from seeds, why not grow food from your food waste instead. This buzz feed guide to growing food scraps is a great place to start. Foods such as lettuce, spring onion, leeks and lemongrass are a great place to start, and if your feeling adventurous, you can even turn to mushrooms and avocados!

5. A wardrobe clear out

With one truck of clothes being burnt or sent to landfill every second we all have a responsibility to do more. So why not have a wardrobe clear out, photograph your unwanted garments and sell them to to people who do whilst earning a little bit of cash on sights like ebay or depop.

6. Empty the cupboards

As people go crazy bulk buying things they really don't need, why not go the other way. Go through your cupboards and finally pull out the cans that you never use and instead donate them to your local food bank. 

7. Mend your broken clothes

We can spend a whole load of time scrolling through online shopping websites but why not put the phone down and pick up a needle and thread instead. Add a button to that shirt which you've been meaning to do for months, sew up that small hole that gradually growing on your bottoms. A new lease of life and saved your bank account from the hit. Win win.

8. Educate yourself

Have you been wondering about some of the issues surrounding sustainability? Do you not understand why there is a fashion revolution? Why you should by organic? Why we need to include privilege in the conversation around sustainability? What are the real issues with plastic? If not, now is the perfect time to learn and be able to have those insightful conversations. I'm always happy to chat away on the topic should you need someone. There are also loads of fantastic free courses out their at the moment including edx

9. Make it yourself

Why not have a little you time, and create your own scrubs or cleaning products. You will be amazed at how easy it is, you pretty much just need essential oils, coconut oil and sugar for scrubs or vinegar, orange skins and essential oils for cleaning products. EASY!

10. Stay indoors

Yes, something we are all doing anyway will massively help. Less cars on the roads means fewer emissions and therefore better for the environment. The caveat to this though, be sure to put extra layers on/ grab a blanket if you get a little chilly instead of putting on the heating.

I hope what ever you're up to in this weird time, you find comfort in knowing we are all in this together!


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