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Wednesday 27 November 2019

The Big Sustainable Gift Guide 2019

Sometimes I seem to set myself tasks that are far bigger than I expect and this year was certainly no exception. Since starting the Big Sustainable Gift Guide it has been incredible to watch so many amazing brands come to light and this year there are more than ever taking to the stage, often competing directly with their none sustainable peers. As we move to a more sustainable future, it is my hope that these uniquely placed brands will soon be the norm, and having an ethical supply chain with fair wages and minimal impact on the environment will be the only standard we accept.

I hope this guide proves a useful tool, introducing you to some brands you may never heard of and help and sparking some inspiration for those friends and family members who seem trickier to buy for every year.

So without further a do, lets go!

The Fashion Lover

Veja Mesh Trainers | £130
The most sustainable trainer brand out their, and also the most stylish, if I do say so myself.

Organic Basics Tee and Set | £80
A simple concept, producing organic products, with exceptionally high standards of fabric and workers rights who all care about the environment

Levi Made & Crafted | £130
Levi have topped numerous lists with their sustainability ambitions in recent years. From reducing the water required to make each pair to their targets to reduce Co2 emissions. Their new collections also boast new concepts around technology and crafting.

Finisterre Funnel Neck Jumper | £125
Based on vintage Fair Isle sweaters, the Crozier Jumper is knitted with super soft wool with a touch of alpaca, it's the perfect winter jumper from a company with the highest level of sustainability ambitions - after all they're a registered BCorp.

Seville Hoops | £85
A company that championing of transparent, responsible, (both socially and environmentally) and revealing supply chains, their collections are designed in the UK and made in a well-established jewellery producer in Lima, Peru.

Molten Rings | £40
Handmade in England using only 100% recycled 925 sterling silver, positioned carefully with recycled silver scrap. Each ring is individual and a perfect gift for those who love something a little different. Due to the nature of the process and the variation of the scrap used, no two molten rings are the same, making each ring a true one of a kind.

Lanx Black Boots | £150
A small batch producer hand made in Lancaster, whats better than supporting small companies with sustainable methods

JW PEI Bag | £62
Croc-Embossed Vegan Leather handbag which look food with everything!

The Feminist

100 Nasty Women of History Book | £18.99
These are the badass women of history who were deemed too shocking, too provocative, too groundbreaking and, yes, too nasty for their times. It's definitely time that their stories are heard.

Why We March Book | £11.99
'On January 21, 2017, over 5 million people in 673 cities around the globe gathered in solidarity for the Women's March, carrying signs that shone with unwavering hope and determination and demanded the protection of women's rights' - this books shares those with you providing inspiration and acts as a reminder that we still have a long way to go.

Invisible Women by Caroline Perez | £16.99
Probably one of the most eye opening books you will ever read and the most important as well! It's time for the world to notice women, for everyone's safety and future.

Love Not War T-shirt | £25
T-shirts raising money for WarChild, helping give children a chance and providing them with protection against war.

Fawcett Society Membership | £88
The Fawcett Society is the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights at work, at home and in public life. From fascinating talks to campaigning for women's rights, a membership will help continue the charities great work.

Side boob wall art | £12.50
Made locally and a statement piece for sure

If You’re Not a Feminist Print | £12.50
It's a simple message, but an important one none the less.

Femme Form Necklace | £120
Made from recycled silver, these necklaces are cast from a hand carved wax taking inspiration from the artists friends nude drawings. Beautifully simple, a reminder that there is beauty in all female form.

The Outdoor Explorer

All Birds Wool Trainers | £95
A brand that is finally been taken seriously, All birds trainers are known for not just being exceptionally comfortable, but also coming with very high environmental credentials.

Patagonia T Shirt | £30
from a brand that constantly strives for good and protection for the environment

Lucy and Yak Fleece | £45
made from recycled plastic, the jumper looks both comfy and practical. From an owner of one, I wish it was acceptable to wear it everywhere!

Patagonia Women's Lightweight Synchilla® Snap-T® Fleece Pullover | £110
Need a layer which will keep you warm and cares for the planet? Patagonia's pull over will do just that. O and did I mention that all their products are fairtrade now to. WINNING

Wool Beanie | £40
Part of Finisterre's British Wool Collection, this luxury version of our classic Fisherman Beanie is knitted from a soft and fine lambswool yarn from Bluefaced Leicester sheep. 100% British supply chain, from sheep to shelf. What is not to like?

Critically Endangered Socks | from £12
Selling exceptionally fast, these socks help raise money for endangered species and their protection. Fancy an alternative? Jollies socks also donate a pair of socks for everyone bought to a shelter

Everlane Rain Boot | £60
An American brand which takes workers rights very seriously, you can even check out the factory where your products are made. Transparency at the highest level.

The Gardener

Indoor Herb Garden | £17
For those who want to bring some of the outside in

Save the Bees Kit | £12
Wildflowers, a garden planner and guides to bee spotting

Beebombs | £7.99
Beebomb seedballs are handmake in Dorset using local clay and 18 native wildflower species' seeds.

Crops in Tight Spots Book | £18.99
Having bought this book this year, I have been filled with inspiration for how to use the outside space we have available (or none). With creative solutions and easy to understand, its a fantastic starting book for anyone who wants to tempted to get green fingers.

Patch Plan Fern | £12.50
Ferns are fantastic in the home, from the air quality to looking beautiful. What's not to love about adding another plant to your collection

Bark Plant Pot | £3.50
Silver Birch bark pots lined with polythene provide a lovely natural alternative to terracotta and look fantastic as well!

Old Gardening Tools | £13
Old tools made new again, perfect for a budding gardening.

Grow your own Pesto | £42
A Potted Stone Pine,jar of pesto and basil seeds, this kit gives you everything you need to grow and make your own pesto!

The Host

Soap Co Gift Set | £30
The Soap Co. is a social enterprise providing training and work for people who are visually impaired or have disabilities. In making its eco range, it provides sustainable flower gardens for bees.

Eat Happy, Melissa Hemsley Cookbook | £10
Sustainable and realistic about how long the average person is able to spend in the kitchen. Every dish can be made in under 30 minutes using no more than two pans, and the overwhelming majority can be frozen.

Cocobana Coconut Bowl Set | £30
I've been banging on about these bowls for a while now, but using a coconut to make a bowl is not only super sustainable but looks fantastic to.

Botanical Gin Kit | £23.99
Who doesn't love gin? This kit provides all the possible options for added ingredients in a fancy G&T and all made in the UK.

Artisan Olive Wood Chopping Board | £18.99
Artisan made in the UK using sustainable wood. What could be better.

Rubies In the Rubble Condiments | from £3.50
Reducing food waste whilst creating exceptionally tasty condiments, Rubies in the Rubble is not just our average sauce.

The Cozy Night In Fan

Lambs Wool Hot Water Bottle | £32
100 percent lambswool yarn, sourced from the UK, to bring you the highest quality fabric for her handmade knitted products.

Knitted Slippers | £56
Made in the UK, made out of sustainable, non toxic fabrics.

Neal’s Yard Aromatherapy Essential Oil Collection | £30
Known for their environmentally friendly ingredients and organic products, these essential oils and cruelty free, vegan and part of the ethical shopping scheme

Yawn PJ set | £89
With the print created at the companies studio in London, Yawn believe in slow, quality fashion. They hand pick all their factories and limit airmiles by producing garments in the same place that the cotton is grown! With the long term aim to become a B-Corp, this companies progress is only going to increase.

Recycled Wool Throw | £46
Unwanted clothing is collected through recycling programmes around the world, and shipped back to India. The collected clothing is then cleaned, broken down into fibres, spun into yarn and then woven into fabric that make up these throws Great for those who want to help reduce clothing waste.

Two Thirds Jumper | £60
Designed in Barcelona, crafted in Portugal and made out of organic cotton, Two Thirds produce super comfortable garments, perfect for those comfy days and evenings.

The Beauty Lover

Charity Pot | from £9.95
A great cream and the money goes to charity.

Lush Slap Stick Foundation | £17
The first make up brand to really demonstrate how to go plastic free, lush is way ahead of any competitors when it comes to plastic free products, this foundation is just the start.

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads | 12.99
Have a friend who uses cotton pads? Well instead why not get them these? After a few uses they can be chucked in the wash, ready for use all over again.

Seaweed Exfoliation Block | £18
Large Exfoliating Vegan Seaweed Block to swap with your normal shower scrub. Why not give it a try?

OneNine5 Wash Bag | £49
Premium wash bag with 100% recycled plastic lining this washbag also comes with usable & detachable airport clear liquid bag to reduce single use plastics when you travel as well.

Floral Street Perfume | £58
The first perfume brand to offer totally recyclable and biodegradable box. Each FLORAL STREET fragrance comes tucked inside a ground-breaking pulp carton with an embossed lid, made from recyclable paper packaging and held together with a re-usable brightly-coloured band.

Illamasqua Highlighter | £34
Cruelty free and vegan, Illamasqua has always been a makeup brand with fantastic morals and one I continue to support!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo Powder | £20
Another brand that's kept cruelty free at the top of their priorities, Anastasia Beverly Hills is renowned for their brow pigments, this one is my personal favourite!

The Sustainability Enthusiast

The Sustainable Home | £12.99
This book takes you through room by room and provides hints and tips to how to live more sustainable. Whether its by making your own toothpaste, converting to renewable energy sources, reducing your consumption of plastic, growing your own herb garden or upcycling old pieces of furniture, the book teaches you numerous ways to make a difference.

The is a Good Guide – for a Sustainable Lifestyle | £22
Probably one of the most beautiful coffee table books for sustainability fans. The Good Guide covers every element of sustainable living, helping you through any query towards a more sustainable life.

Feral by George Monbiot | £9.99
Ever wondered about the natural environment in the UK and whether trees should be on mountains? George tackles these issues in a beautiful way, highlighting that we must restore our natural world not just for the planet but for ourselves as well.

Pela Phone Case | £30
Pela, creating fantastic phone cases which are not only biodegradable but also often help further charities as well!

Dear Green Coffee | from £3.80
Roasted in Glasgow. Ethical. Sustainable. Traceable. Speciality. They have it all.

Hexagonal Bee House | £67.80
For those who want to help preserve local wildlife, this bee house can help accommodate up to 250 mason bees!

The Nesty One

Handmade Woven Baskets | from £26
Bringing together traditional basket weavers from across Africa, these baskets are ethically produced and help ensure fair wages to those who make them as well!

Natural History Prints | £79
Made have partnered with The Natural History Museum to release these fantastic old school prints from the museums archived.

Recycled chunky knit blanket | £105
This eco-friendly chunky knit blanket is crocheted by hand in England using high quality recycled t-shirt yarn, bringing new life to textile waste.

A set of 4 handmade coasters knitted in small batches from recycled organic cotton cord with storage pot included. Perfect for those house proud pals!

Glass Set | £29.95
This set is based on traditional glass tea sets found in north Africa and the East. The makers Nkuku work with artisans throughout the world, combining timeless design with natural materials.

Made from glass and brass, each piece is individually hand welded by skilled artisans in India.

The Activity Lover 

Neal’s Yard Remedies Course Voucher | £75
For those looking to learn more around aromatherapy and herbal remedies Neal's Yard offer some fantastic courses.

Riverford Field Kitchen Dining | £29pp
One of the best organic farms in the UK, Riverford now offer fantastic dinning experiences, or alternatively a food making course.

Make your own facemask kit | £24
A great gift for those who love a night in.

Museum Membership | V&A starts at £54 for under 26s
A gift that means you can go when ever you fancy! Winning

Organic Soap Making Kit | £25.49
Made in the UK and suitable for vegans this kit is also organic certified and contains only sustainable palm oil. 

Gin Making Experience | £110 for one, £160 for two people.
Ever wondered what it is like to make your own gin from scratch? Well that's exactly what you can do at Salcombe's gin school. I went a few years ago and still bang on about it now, you can read my post here.

What better gift than the opportunity to visit the 500 sites across the UK

Pasta Making Class | from £55
Fresh pasta making courses led by Italian pasta chefs, the workshops are hosted in London's coziest neighborhood restaurants, pubs and wine cellars. Perfect activity for those who love food!

The Little One

Wooden Baby Walker and Bricks | £36
Wooden gifts that will last a life time

Manhattan Toy Safari Zebra Wooden Activity Toy | £29.99
I couldnt not include this, its fantastic and no plastic in sight!

Patagonia Baby Fury Jumper | £45
The fluffiest and most sustainable jumper a baby will likely own. It will certainly be an item that can be passed down through families for a long time to come!

Green People Organic Babies Silent Night Gift Set | £16.50
Certified organic lavender baby wash and shampoo, and soothing baby salve. With 50p from each sale donated to charity it’s a gift that keeps giving

Baby Robe | £28
White company baby robe, made from hydrocotton, which is a non-twisted yarn of pure natural cotton perfect for sensitive skin.

Nature Baby Short Sleeve Kimono bodysuit | £19
Certified organic cotton and GOTS certified, this baby grow is perfect for little ones.

Love Muslin Baby Shawl Gift | £35
Two organic muslin baby shawl + swaddling wraps presented in a stunning gift tub with our Love all over print, perfect to keep and store little treasures!

Crayon Rocks | £30.95
Pure natural soy wax crayons and coloured using mineral pigments these are a perfect for small children!

Wowza, there we have it! Hopefully there is at least one thing you can give to someone else on the list

Love, Your Christmas Elf


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