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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Positive News for a Positive Planet; No 2

We all like some good news now and then, so here’s your weekly dose of happy news stories from species making a come back to clean energy wins for a greener planet.


The biggest offshore wind farm in the UK starts supplying energy this week - A windfarm off the Yorkshire coast was set to supply its first power to the UK electricity grid last week. The windfarm, once complete will dwarf the current largest and with 174 turbines it will be on a par with conventional fossil fuel-fired power stations. Go green energy!

Sierra Leone have a national cleaning day each month - On the first Saturday of the month from 7am to midday citizens of Sierra Leone take to the streets to clean up waste and litter. The aim of the campaign is to ‘bring people together who will make their own environment habitable again’, reminding citizens of the importance of having a clean environment both for human and planet health.

A circular economy has the opportunity to provide a wealth of jobs -  a study in Australia found that for every 10,000 tons of material recycled, 9.2 jobs would be created. This is a huge increase of just 2.8 jobs when material was previously being exported our of the country to China. Showing that improved recycling and a move towards a circular economy may help economies as well.

Amazon has set a goal for Net Zero on shipping - Amazon has a long-term goal to power their global infrastructure using 100% renewable energy. With improvements in electric vehicles, aviation bio fuels, reusable packaging, and renewable energy, they now believe they can see a path to net zero carbon delivery of shipments to customers, this has led them to set the goal of reaching 50% of all Amazon shipments with net zero carbon by 2030. They're calling it project "Shipment Zero” and is a huge positive step to a net zero future.

The RAF has won the diversity and inclusion advert of the year - This year in channel 4s diversity awards, the Royal Air Force scooped the best advert for diversity in advertising. The advert takes down women's stereotypes ending with “Women should be defined by actions, not cliches.” Now that's what we like to hear!

IKEA to start renting furniture in sustainability push - IKEA has announced plans to start renting its furniture, as they try to encourage a move towards a more circular economy which includes refurbishing and re-selling products.

The trial furniture rental scheme, due to begin in Switzerland imminently, will initially be limited to office furniture such as desks and chairs with the hopes that in the future this could be rolled out to other areas of the house, so only time will tell.

How 56 men are trying to breaking through stereotypes - This campaign, created by Cephas Williams is all about breaking through stereotypes and the negative portrayal of black men within the media and the stigma attached to them in public. 
Using social media, Cehas posts striking head shots of black men in hoodies. All the men involved are politicians, directors, teachers and all have positive life stories that are irrelevant to the attire they choose to wear. The whole campaign is to demonstrate that for everyone black man you see representing something negative, there are 56 others doing positive work that goes unnoticed and is a crude reminder to everyone that stereotypes and the media really need to be put in check sometimes. Be sure to go check out the instagram page!

Sea Turtle populations have soared after legal protection -  FANTASTIC NEWS, following legal protection a team of researchers looked at 31 marine populations and found that the populations of 78% of marine mammals and 75% of sea turtles rebounded after receiving protection.

What's even more incredible was that the median sea turtle population increased by 980% following the regulations established by the ESA, an absolutely huge win, and may it long continue.

The BBC are launching a fashion and lifestyle brand - Following the success of Blue Planet 2, the BBC have announced the launch of eco-friendly clothing, homewear and books under the umbrella BBC Planet. The collections are hoped to act as a guide to those who want to change their habits and move towards more sustainably made products.

Hovis launch bread bag recycling scheme - Hovis has announced a new partnership with recycling specialist TerraCycle to make it easier for its fully recyclable plastic bread bags to be correctly disposed of by households. Although the bags are recyclable at the super market plastic bag drop off, after research it was discovered that less that 10% of people were doing so.
So, if you eat bread, save up a few bags under your sink and either register as a private collector of bread bags and access free postage label to post them to TerraCycle for recycling or, why not locate a dedicated community collection point in schools or charity hubs to send the packaging for recycling.

So there you have it, a round up of positive planet news! Have you got any positive news this week?


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