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Friday 21 September 2018

A Quick Guide To Parga, Greece

Girl in Parga

There are some holidays which you need and this year, going to Parga in Greece was exactly what I needed.

Greece holds a very special place in my heart. There is something about the way of life that instantly allows me to feel relaxed and its pretty hard not to fall in love, where ever you go. My recent trip to Parga was no different.

Most people I mentioned Parga to, had never heard of the town yet with a location on the mainland which can be easily accessed by flying into Preveza, catching a taxi to the bus station, and hoping onto a bus where you get to drive through the mountains before spotting the sea, it really is worth placing the town on your radar (taxi costs €20 and the bus €8).

Parga Sunset

This years trip, I was joining my family for the last week of their holiday. We were staying at .... which in the town was known as being the nicest villas with the worst road. The views though, were worth every steep walk and out of breath moment. You could even blame them for taking your breath away if you wanted.

Parga, is a beautiful town situated on both sides of a small hill, with beaches on either drop, and a castle at the top. The harbour is where most people spend their time and where the majority of other accommodations are located. Venturing up to the top of the hill and even slightly down the otherside is significantly worth it, it feels like you leave the tourist area and enter traditional greece. Although the harbour maybe beautiful, because this is where most people stay, the town is a lot busier and the prices, about 20% higher.

So without further a do, here are my recommendations for Parga, Greece

Where to Stay in Parga

Views of Parga

Apolis Villas - known as the best villas with the worst road, you will not be disappointed with the views from the top. The villas, hand built by the owner are an amazing. With views over the whole of Parga, nestled within a large area of olive trees, you cant help but feel a world away. The owners will not only make you feel welcome but their amazing food options for lunch means you can stay by the pool all day should you wish.

Cat under truck

Parga Beach Resort - with no trees harmed during building construction, the resort built amongst olive trees and flowers will leave you feeling imersed in local nature. From solar heaters to special insulation to reduce energy requirements the resort is perfect for your holiday.

Where to Eat in Parga?

Parga Town

Saki's - Located at the top of the hill, Saki's is what I would call the perfect example of traditional greek cuisine. The restaurant, covered in vines often has a to queue to get a table (the will provide you with Ouzo whilst you wait) but its definitely worth waiting for. With prices at least 5-10 euros cheaper than those restaurants in the main harbor, it really is worth the walk.

Taverna Stefanos, Parga

Taverna Stefanos - Another Restaurant located at the top of the hill, but this time a little further down with views over Valtos Beach, Stefanos offers a range of great food. The fact they also have pizza made my 10 year old brother very happy.

Fruit in Parga

Tavera Lithos - Located in the main harbour area but a little further back down a few winding streets in Tavera Lithos. The food was fantastic and the service really quick as well. With great varieties of food, you wont find it hard to pick something from the menu. If you're a fan of Baklava, then you'll be delighted to know, they give this out with the bill as well.

Bakeries to Visit in Parga

Icecream shop in Parga

The Green Bakeries - Located in the heart of Parga, this bakery offers breakfast and lunch. What's fantastic though, is that they will happily box up any of their delicious treats so you can transport them home. Everything in their shop looks incredible and I would have loved to spend a brunch time there in the shade.

Bakery, Parga

Bakery in Parga

Parga's House Bakery on the hill - I do not know the name of this little bakery, but as you walk up the hill towards the castle, you may see some bread on your right hand side. The bakery is tiny, the front of someones house but go in. From chocolate filled pastries and doughnuts to home made jams and bread. Everything is fresh and delicious.

What to do in Parga? 

Castle, Parga

Girl at Parga Castle

Parga Castle - Done best in the early morning, especially if you're staying in the main harbour the castle is definitely worth a visit. The views are really impressive and the castle is vast. Although there are no boards explaining the history, a good google or guide books will give you a little bit of history. After walking all the way round, there is also a cafe at the top with a view over the harbor where you can enjoy a drink in the shade.

Girl jumping in sea

Boat in Greece

Girl driving boat

Boat Trip - there is nothing like renting a boat for the day and getting to explore other areas. We visited numerous spots, snorkeled and ate a different beach, it was so much fun and it really does make a memorable activity. Boats can be about 100 euros a day to rent, but remember you will have to pay for the fuel that you use as well.

Weekday bikini

Acheron River - I sadly didn't get to go up to the river, my family had already been up but from what I hear it's pretty darn impressive. Instead of getting a tour, grab a taxi early in the morning (leave around 7/8). This will cost about 80 euros for 4 people, ticketed trips cost about 30 euros per person. This means you will get the river all to yourself. If you want to really travel up further than the first stop, you will need a waterproof bag with you, otherwise, one team member will have to stay behind. O and swim shoes are recommended as it is a little rocky.

Beach Clean, Parga

Beach Clean - Yes this might not be the most glamourous of holiday activities but it will certainly make you feel good. We took down 4 plastic bags and filled them completed whilst covering a tiny patch on Valtos Beach. Even if you just do a mini pick of things around you before you leave you will be having a positive impact and you may make someone else think twice about leaving their stuff behind. Lets all make an effort to leave places cleaner than we found them!

How to be Sustainable in Parga

Parga Beach

Bottled Water - Many places still try and serve bottled water. Parga, due to being on the mainland has drinking water from the tap so be sure to take a reusable water bottle with you and ask for tap water if you can. If you have to, buy big bottles that will last, instead of lots of little ones.

Carrier Bags - You will find that every shop will try and give you a plastic bag with every purchase. Remembering your own fabric bag or reusing those that they give you is an easy win for sustainability.

Bakery, Parga

Local Food - Lots of menus still have frozen food on such as prawns etc. Speaking to your waiter and asking what fresh fish is on the menu or opting to each veggie will also mean your food is more likely to be local/ a set standard.
 Family in Parga, Greece

Have you ever visited Parga? Would you like to go?


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