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Sunday, 15 July 2018

My Top Sustainable Swimwear Brands This Summer

Summer is here and this year England doesnt seem to be experiencing its usual feable attempt where we sit on the beach till late but have a blanket and two jumper on. This year we are having it all, the blue skies, the warm evenings and even dare I mention the sunny weeekends.

With holidays creeping up I finally got around to creating a list of my favourite sustainable and eco-friendly swim wear brands that I have uncovered over the past 12 months. With so much cohice out there and so many beautiful brands to chose from, being environmentally friendly with your swimwear and having to compromise on style is a thing of the past.

1. Batoko
I will not stop raving about this brand. The pieces are so quirky, fun and reasonably priced and the costumes are made out of 100% recycled fishing nets. The brand was created in the UK and ensures that the factories they have been sufficiently audited along with using recycled materials throughout their supply chain to reduce their environmental impact.

2. Cantik Swimwear
It's no suprise that Australia is leading the way with sustainable swim wear, they have so many beautiful brands, Cantik is just one of them. Cantik swimwear brings beach glam to a whole new level. The brand like most on this list now uses ECONYL yarn, made out of recycled materials. The brand, made in Bali has a strong focus on workers rights and also donates money from everysuit sold to a womens rights charity. Although you have to pay for postage just remember Australian Dollars to Pounds is roughly 100AUD to £60 Be sure to check out their stock list to (wanderlast)

3. Salt and Saunter
Although not strictly sustainable, the brand has now launched a their eco edit, meaning you no longer have to comprise. With the use of recycled fabrics paired with the beautiful cuts, there isn't any piece on their website that I wouldn't like to own (if only i needed that much swim wear), but naturally, their eco edit would be my top choice. Just be sure to order in advance, as they make everything in small batches to reduce waste, this may mean items take 7 days to arrive.

4. FAE
FAE swimwear is beautiful and all of their garments are made out ECONYL. Along with garments made out of recycled fibres, they also collect their swimwear at the end of life to recycle where swimwear is then sent to be sorted to remove unwanted fibres. Swimwear is a little more expensive with £50 per half, but when it looks so good, its definitely worth it.

5. allSisters
allSisters is a eco-friendly brand based in Barcelona. They utalise high quality recycled textiles from Italy that carry the Made in Green by OEKO-TEX certification. They support the local economy by upcycling garments from stock material of local factories. These traits really show. Their pieces are simple and yet striking. For 15% off be sure to use ECOSUMMER as ell!

6. Underprotection
Under protection garments are all made in a small factory in New Delhi who they have been working with since the company founded. They have obtained the Fair Wear Foundations Young Designer licence. The company also only use certified materials to try and reduce their environmental impact throughout the supply chain, with the use of fabric made from recycled plastic and Lyocell, a fibre derived from organic pulp.

With so many amazing brands out there, there is so many new options that differ to what else is around. So here's to a summer in fantastic swimwear that's a little more environmentally friendly than before.


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