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Sunday 14 January 2018

Brand of the Week; Picture Organic Sports Clothing

Its safe to say after an incredible week skiing in Mayrhofen this week, the brand of the week is bound to be a little bias towards skiwear, therefore this weeks brand is Picture.

                   Apply Snow Jacket | 250 Euros                                            Slany Pants | 199.99 Euros

Never heard of it? Don't worry I hadn't either until very recently. The brand was created by three friends who grew up skateboarding and snowboarding in their home in the Alps. With a passion for their sports and the drive to create a brand 100% committed to eco-design and being sustainable.

                        Camden Jacket | 199 Euros                    Rancho Leggings | 65 Euros

After starting the brand in 2008 it has gone from strength to strength. What makes it so great? Well, all products are made from 100% recycles, organic or responsibly sourced materials with a few extra special details that makes them stand out.

                                                             Voice Jacket | 189.99 Euros

Firstly the brand found ways to create helmets made from 100% recycled and organically sourced components. Secondly the lining in their jackets are made from cut offs from their manufacturing partners to reduce the waste of fabrics produced. This creates unique and randomly assembled lining. Thirdly their technical products are made from at least 50% recycled plastic from plastic bottles with 50 bottles being used for each jacket. Finally on the brands website they also have a carbon calculator, so you can choose the most environmentally friendly way to purchase your products as well.
                        Naaq Jumper | 70 Euros               Lukachukai Jumper | 89.99 Euros

Although the brand specialises in sports wear, they've also create what must be one of my favourite concepts for a useful bag, one that turns into multiple separate entities or all together as well, which is perfect for the backpacker.

                                                                       Ivy Bag | 189.99 Euros

It's safe to say Picture is a unique and fantastic brand. My only regret is the fact that in order to be sustainable I didn't buy any new ski wear to be more sustainable and that I only discovered the brand a week before my trip!

What's your favourite ski brand?



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