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Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Huge Christmas List; The Nesty Ones

I am definitely the type of person who loves to curl up on the sofa in my pjs with a cozy blanket and a magazine or good book in hand. I certainly think it is one of the only times I truly relax and switch off. So this list is suitable to anyone who would secretly rather be curled up on the couch than hitting the town (because lets be honest, everyone needs comfort).

The Christmas List; The Nesty Ones

              Off White Faux Fur Throw £99 | Zara Home                     Super Soft Fleece £15 | Next
                                                  For those who make their bed                                                                                       For those who live in pajamas (like me )
The Christmas List; The Nesty Ones

Pancake and Prosecco Cushion £18 | Coconut Lane       Faux Fur Stripped Throw £84 | West Elm
                           For those who never like to leave their bed                                                                    For those who just love to snuggle  
                                           Dont forget to use EKW20 for 20% dicscount

The Christmas List; The Nesty Ones
             Neom Candles  £30 | Neom                                Magazine subscription £23 | Womens Health
         For those that love fresh scents to fill their rooms                                                                             For those who look facts, fashion and food

The Christmas List; The Nesty Ones

Eligible (Modern Pride and Prejudice) £11 | Amazon     Men Explain Thing To Me  £15.45 | Amazon
          If you love pride and prejudice, this is a modern day                                                                      The title of this book says it all really!
                   equivalent and a happy read as well

The Christmas List; The Nesty Ones
              Flamingo Slippers £16 | ASOS                               Penguin Hot Water Bottle £9.99 | Zavvi
               Because these will make you smile, even on a bad day                                            Penguins can do no wrong, they are a little like unicorns in this sense

The Christmas List; The Nesty Ones
              Candle Holder £35 | John Lewis                                 Striped Book End £34.00 | West Elm
                                        Perfect for those dark night                                                                                       For those who have to many paper piles

The Christmas List; The Nesty Ones
                     PJ Bottoms £17.50 | M&S                                                 Blue Moon PJ Set £89 | PJ Pan
Because I have 3 pairs of these (over the past 3 years) They are THE BEST.                                          Sometimes you need to feel like royalty in silk.

The Christmas List; The Nesty Ones

                  Unicorn Onesie £24 | ASOS                                       Teddy Bear £24.30 |  WorldofBears
What ever your age, no one can resist a unicorn item, because they are just so magical       Finally a super snuggle partner for when you just need a little pick me up

I hope you liked my list! What would you like to add on?

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